Tips for making your car Summer Ready in Dubai

Summer is about to hit the block soon, and you need to prepare for hot weather. You have to spend your time taking care of your car for the summer season. Some people consider it just a season transition and did not take care of their car. It is essential to confirm that some basic things are right in place before the summer season starts. It is also necessary to take care of your vehicle if you want to sell a car for sale in Dubai.

How to prepare your car for the summer season in Dubai:

Here are some tips for preparing your vehicle for the long summer season in Dubai.

Coolant System:

The main job of your car’s coolant system is to socialize a mixture of water and coolant to preserve the temperature of the radiator and engine. In case there are any flaws with your coolant system, it could result in overheating problems in a car engine.

The primary cure to such an issue is to immediately turn off the engine and get a mechanic to fix the problem for you. Generally, you need to avoid long drives in the summers it would surely lead to an overheating issue.

Air Conditioning System:

Don’t let the temperature hit your head when you drive. It is very significant in Dubai to ensure that your car has a well-functioning air conditioning system. You cannot work without a correctly working air conditioner in your car. Right from getting the gas checked in the AC vent to getting the vacuuming of the blower and serviced. Get everything done well in advance, so you don’t have to deal with the roasting heat of the Middle East. If you want to sell your car for sale in Dubai at suitable value its air conditioning system must be in good condition. 

Also, it is best to wait for at least a couple of minutes to switch on the AC after starting the car.


The pressure of the tires would change with the rising temperature. It is something that can occur overnight as well, thereby giving you no time to take any protective measures. When the tires can’t perform optimally, they harm engine presentation and fuel consumption. Just make sure you get wheel balancing and arrangement done earlier. Also, make sure you have an extra tire in the car.  

Get a New Battery:

In the heat of Dubai in summer, battery fluids disappear much faster.  You should substitute the car battery if you utilize it for more than two years. Even if the batteries are new, you should check their fluid and terminals. If you find any erosion on the terminals, it might be an indicator that you need to substitute the battery or fix the terminals.

It is also highly sensible that you have to take your car to a proficient mechanic before the summer if your vehicle has an acid battery. You can extend the battery life to 3-5 years by inspecting regularly. You should substitute it after two years because of the thrilling weather conditions in Dubai. A car for sale in Dubai can be sold at a suitable price if it is in good condition.


Although most people don’t pay attention to the material of a car, the way they focus on other structures. It is significant to get it changed before the summers. So in case, you have rough leather or refined material that gets heated too easily. It is necessary to get them replaced. A good substitute for this is to buy temporary seat covers and get them connected before the summer. You can change back to the original material once the weather begins to cool down.

Tinted Window:

You can also avoid the interiors of the car from getting heated because of tinted car windows. You can either use dark films, curtails, or good-quality shades to block the sunlight from entering the car and warming it up. In a region like the Middle East where the sun is roasting, most people who buy used cars for sale in Dubai look for this feature.

Keep your car cool in summer:

  • Here we are with some tips that will assist you to keep your car cool in the summer season in Dubai.
  • Keep Continuous Eye on the Engine Temperature.
  • Always use Engine Coolant, don’t use water.
  • Make Sure Engine Oil and Coolant are at Optimal Level.
  • Check the Radiator for Possible leaks, it keeps the Engine Cool.
  • Check Your Tire Pressure Every Week.
  • Check Your Tire for Wear and Exchange it if the Tread is below 1.6mm.
  • Do not Show Idleness in following a Regular Maintenance service to Avoid Breakdowns.
  • Always Have Your Battery Checked by an expert Mechanic during Every Periodic Service.
  • Replace Your Battery if it has lasted the guarantee to confirm that you are not stranded.

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