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Things You Should Do In Website Header Design

Your chance to create an impression always comes once in your lifetime. And I strongly believe that the very first impression also creates the last impression. So what you do for the first time, get it right and all things get set for you. This is true in every aspect of your daily life activities also. It ups the visitor interaction quotient with your site. So you have to choose the header appropriately and that can be done only when you choose the right service provider. Website header design templates should be user-friendly.

What Is A Header?

While you speak of a header, it is the upper portion of the web page that you have created. And very rightfully it is the most judicious part of the page as that is the part where your eye goes to first while you go on to scroll the page in the first few seconds itself. So you can imagine how important that part happens to be. So you should have creative and catchy header designs.

It is like you are inviting the viewer to get deeper into your website. It provides the main information on what your website and product or service are all about. If this is the case, then you should get hold of Professional Website Design Services. And who better to provide you with, than Weblinkindia, the best company in India.

But it should be remembered here that a website header is that area where the web page header design is catchy, concise, and very useful so that the product can be scanned in a few split seconds. You would often hear it being referred to as <<Site Menus>>. It is a key element of navigation in your web page layout. Whenever in your mind a question comes about to outsource web design India, then definitely you can rely on Weblink India.

What Does A Header Include?

Headers include a variety of things like:

  • Basic elements of brand identification like logo, brand name, lettering, slogan or company statement, corporate mascot, photo identity of the company or its leader, colors of the company, etc.
  • The theme of the product, service, or brand that is to be presented
  • Links to the various basic categories of the website content
  • Contact information
  • Links to other social networks that are important
  • Switchover to other languages
  • Search field
  • Subscription field
  • It provides links to the interaction with the product as a trial version, downloading from the AppStore, etc.

But as a warning, never get all the information stored in one page of the header as it stands a chance of getting overloaded with information. Based on the design, the designers, together with marketing specialists decide on a responsive header design. And Weblinkindia is that place where you find those specialists and designers all under one roof.

Why A Header Is Important?

A header is the most important part of the website and so it must be done carefully. Nowadays, in India, there are some super-specialist companies like Weblinkindia that can create header layout designs that you need not go anywhere else. It is important because:

  • It catches the eye in the first crucial moments when the viewer visits the site and gleans all the information that he needs to gather.
  • The viewer starts reading from the top horizontal area of the webpage, so that is the area that should be catchy.

The Best Design Practices Available In The Market


  • Readability:

Website header design templates should get the maximum attention in terms of research and testing as this plays the most vital role in web designing. It is this portion from where a reader is expected to gather all the information that is required and decide how much time he will spend there. And this has to be done fast so it is very important. Here he is not expected to put in extra effort or this will shoo him away from the page.

  • Hamburger Menu

It is a header design template that you must have. It is one of those typical elements of interaction between the product or company and the viewer.

It saves a lot of space on the page but stores a lot again inside. Sometimes this design confuses the viewer, but it is a popular means of conveying a lot of information. And here the role of the online header maker is very important because he is the one who can guide you best on what is right for your website.

  • Fixed Header

This portion provides the users with a navigation area available at any point of interaction and is helpful when the pages are heavy in content and require a long scrolling time.

  • Double Menu

It presents two layers of navigation. One layer provides the links to the social network, logo, search, shopping cart, and the hamburger button which hides a lot more information. The other level gives instant connection to core areas like product catalog, location of the sale, news and various offers, information on service, and contact number or point.

Other Practices To Consider

There are certain other practices that you cannot forget while creating the best header for a website. You must also consider:

  • Usage of clear and readable fonts and font size. This makes for one of the most important aspects of a header. It has a lot to do with the attractiveness of the header. It should be easy on the eyes and the brain. In other words, it should not be taxing.
  • Be consistent with the design. Make it such that it gets noticed easily. Stick to the right visual elements like color and font so that it is appropriate.
  • Must have a clear-cut call-to-action button that will give instant success to your business
  • To make it creative, bright, and attractive make it heavy on illustrations or animation. It gives that extra kick to your webpage
  • Headers should come with a message that allows some bonding with the viewer with personal or professional messages. It could also be a motivational text. It is that spot that allows your business to attract that attention required giving it a super start. You could also take the opportunity to welcome your visitors to your site.
  • Consider the various header possibilities like fixed header, hidden navigation, mobile header, or a shrinking header. All these headers have the capability of taking the viewer’s eye but it all depends on the type of product that you are putting up for advertising.

Bottom Line

It is now clear that the header is of utmost importance so it should be done up with great care and it can be justified only when you visit the topmost companies like Weblinkindia for it. With people like them around you need not outsource web design away from India.

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