Then Are 5 Cases Where Juggernauts Actually Proved Veritably Useful During an Ongoing Natural Disaster

This has been a truly tumultuous time not only for Kerala but for the entire nation as we try to bounce back.The wrath of nature can truly be willful. But so can be the ever changing trends of the competitive request.

Numerous brands, in the wake of natural disasters, come up with innovative juggernauts. While numerous consider these as simply PR numbers, they surely also bring about a string of salutary goods for the society.

They bring about mindfulness and also inspire people to revitalize their social responsibility.

Then is a list of top 5 Juggernauts that were a response to an ongoing natural disaster

1. Dell, Microsoft and HP

Dell, in cooperation with Hewlett Packard and Microsoft, led a relief crusade for the victims of the earthquake and riffle in Japan. They distributed 250 laptops and with Microsoft’s free mobile connection. They also help secure a strong Internet connection in Japan.

Other than this, they also prompted their workers to contribute by helping the affected Japanese by drawing their thoroughfares and gutters.

Dell also transferred bags of inventories and books to the affected children.

2. Budweiser

The Budweiser crusade doesn’t talk about a particular natural disaster but water failure, which is a more habitual issue. They launched a crusade in January 2018 named the Super Bowl Spot.

In order to contribute their bit to the ever growing problem of water failure, Budweiser bestowed millions of water barrels for the people of California, Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida.

They crusade featured the song Stand By Me by Skylar Grey and every time people download the song, a portion of the proceeds shall be bestowed to the Red Cross Society, America.

3. AirBnB

AirBnB launched a temporary Casing Program ( Accommodation, a service that they’re known for) for the homeless in Haiti.

In order to compliment this, the company made use of their listed connections and accommodated the indigent and the poor.

While the onset of a natural disaster had put tourism and trip on hold, AirBnb decided to devote their operations to a noble cause.

It was also latterly seen how the affected were actually handed home like surroundings and not just a place to stay.

4. Duracell

Duracell launched a full evidence crusade in order to help the Victims of the Katrina Hurricane.
As part of their relief crusade, they dispatched exchanges around the megacity. The exchanges were called Duracell Rapid Responder.The truck offered free batteries and charging points for mobile phones and computers.

5. Allstate

Allstate, a big name in Insurance services, is known as one of the biggest names when it comes to juggernauts that surfaced as a response to the ongoing natural disaster.

Their Crusade, named the Good Hands Team Campaign, came about in 2012 in the wake of Hurricane Isaac.
The Crusade involved massive financial donations from the Allstate Foundation. They also contributed numerous food inventories in order to help the empty victims.

With the tagline, In Good hands, Allstate’s crusade was a way of assuring it to the citizens that their weal is in Good hands.
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