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The Ultimate Marquee Wedding Guide For Banquet Hall in Houston

We understand how important and meaningful your wedding day is to you. You will receive individualized attention. And a sense of our true commitment to you, your family, and friends. From the moment you arrive at the moment your last guest departs from Banquet Hall in Houston.

The Marquee Wedding Guide

Everything you need to know about arranging the perfect marquee wedding. From the cost and where to put them based on your wedding budget to how to decorate them and the various types to pick from.

There’s a lot to like about having your wedding reception in a Banquet Hall in Houston. Marquees are incredibly adaptable places. They’re light and airy. It makes ideal blank canvases for any type of d├ęcor. And can be set up in a variety of incredible settings.

However, because you may need to source a lot of equipment. And lease furniture, planning a marquee wedding can be a lot of effort. So, make sure you know what you’re doing and give yourself plenty of time to arrange.

This guide includes everything you need to know to plan the marquee wedding of your dreams. It includes answers to all of your burning questions. And recommendations for beautiful marquee wedding locations across the UK.

Things To Consider at Banquet Hall in Houston

Your Approach to Wedding Planning

When organizing a marquee wedding, it’s crucial to assess whether you have the time and energy to prepare such a logistical event. If organizing your own wedding isn’t your thing, you’ll want to hire a wedding planner from the start.

A wedding planner can assist you in locating all of the necessary products and best vendors for a marquee wedding, as well as ensuring that everything runs well during set-up and on the big day.

The Marquee Venue

Many couples choose for a marquee wedding if they or a family member owns a huge lawn that would be suitable for the event. This allows them to have their wedding day at home, which will provide them with some absolutely unforgettable memories.

If you don’t have a lot of outside space, consider a marquee wedding at Banquet Hall in Houston. Many venues, particularly country houses, halls, and stately homes, have large grounds and offer couples the option of erecting marquees and using the house as a background or for guest lodging.

Some sites even feature a permanent marquee that can be used throughout the wedding season. These locations will make planning a marquee wedding a breeze because they usually have all of the furnishings and culinary needs covered.

The Guest List

A marquee is a good choice if you have a huge guest list because it can be made as large (or as tiny) as you need it to be. With no noise restrictions if you’re in the middle of nowhere, and the option to use the marquee for other events such as a rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunch, a marquee allows you to party for much longer.

The Period of Year

While a marquee wedding can be held at any time of year, the warmer months of spring and summer are ideal because the majority of the time will be spent outside at a marquee wedding. In the winter, keep in mind the cost of heaters as well as the fact that the grass around the tent may get muddy and slippery, which isn’t ideal for visitors wearing high heels!

However, if you’re concerned about this, a tent can be placed on a hard-standing area.

Catering And Electricity

When looking for a marquee site, one of the most important factors to consider is whether your caterers will have access to water and electricity. If you have a specific culinary style or want for your wedding day, a marquee wedding frequently lets you choose your own caterer (many venues come with in-house caterers as standard), so it’s a great alternative.

These caterers, on the other hand, will require their own smaller tent, as well as water and electricity, to be joined to your main reception area. However, your marquee business may assist you in determining the optimum marquee location depending on these requirements.

For weddings in isolated locations, generators and water tanks are always available. Don’t forget to tell your marquee company how much electricity you’ll be using – and don’t forget about evening entertainment and illumination.

Guest Facilities

You’ll want to make sure that attendees can easily reach your marquee. No one wants to walk miles across muddy fields in their suits and dresses, so make sure there’s plenty of parking and well-lit walkways for the evening.

Toilets with a high level of luxury are another feature to consider. For every 100 people, you’ll need about 10 toilets. No one likes to use a builder’s style portal at a wedding, so spending a little more money on nice trailer toilets with sinks, decent cubicles, mirrors, and some posh soap is a great idea.

When booking a marquee wedding location, make sure to inquire about the availability of restrooms.


Because any marquee you rent will be a blank canvas. It’s critical to devote a significant amount of time, effort, and money to the decor. Marquee weddings are popular among creative brides and grooms. Because they enjoy coming up with a theme for their special day. And decorating it to match their personality. If you’re not a creative person, you might want to hire a wedding stylist to assist you.

When properly decorated, a wedding marquee may be very stunning. And because they are such a blank canvas. They can accommodate almost any theme or color palette. In a marquee, lighting is quite crucial and will establish the tone for your event. You can go all-out luxury with chandeliers. Or go for a romantic rustic appearance with fairy lights, festoon lighting, or lanterns. Inquire with your marquee company for recommendations; they may know of a firm or have their own lights that you may rent.

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