The Perks and Drawbacks of Business Email Support Services

Are you confused about what customer support is better for your company? We have simplified what your consumers prefer and are beneficial for your company. Apart from phone support, business email support is a newer service.

However, all the services have their pros and cons. But companies are still pondering over which benefits their business more. Every firm needs to put effort and time into perfecting their email to handle their clients’ requirements.

Moreover, we live in a world where everyone is in a hurry. Similarly, consumers want the answers to their queries as soon as possible. That is why your customer support services should be available all the time.

The Pros and Cons of Email Support:

Email service is the type of customer support where the client assistance team member and the client do not have to be present at the same time. Instead, the skilled agents of the customer team check emails from time to time to manage customers’ demands.

Advantages of Email Service:

Companies prefer email support for its various benefits. Some of the pros of email support service are as follows:

  • Accessible
  • Trustworthy
  • Traceable
  • Cost-effective
  • File attachment
  • Conversation record
  • Less intimidating


As everybody has smartphones these days, so emails are readily accessible to everyone. Even when they are traveling or on a trip, emails are easily accessible. As a result, you can handle clients’ concerns efficiently through email support services according to the customers’ ease.


The trust gaining rate through emails is higher than any other customer support. When the consumer service team handles their queries in a written and documented form, customers feel their concerns are taken seriously.

As a result, your customer retention rate increases. It leads to more sales and hence success.


Emails can be tracked easily through users’ ID, which is beneficial for the consumer and the customer support team. It helps both sides to keep a check on whether the issue of the consumer was resolved or not.


Many companies use the email automation system to send out replies, which is easy on their pockets. It nearly costs nothing. However, fees vary as per the clients’ needs. Also, it depends upon the number of messages the team has to send out.

File Attachments:

Email support allows consumers to attach photos and graphics. This assists customers in elaborating on the issues they are facing. Moreover, it helps the customer support team to manage the problems efficiently.

Also, the team members assist customers by sending attachments making sure that their issue is resolved.

Conversation Record:

Normally on phone calls, clients cannot record the conversation. This changes with email services. Also, you can document everything through emails. It makes clients feel more at ease while engaging with your customer service reps.

As a result, they are at ease knowing that they have a record of the conversation to refer to in the event of a future disagreement.

Less Intimidating:

Sometimes clients feel hesitant and get intimidated while talking on call. They cannot state their issues properly. However, in emails, they can easily explain their problems in detail. They do not have to worry about answering the agents’ questions directly.

Thus, customers feel at ease while sending emails and stating the problems.

Disadvantages of Email Support:

Despite providing efficient business email support, it still has shortcomings that every company must face. Following are some drawbacks that a firm has to encounter while delivering email support services:

  • Clarifications can be difficult
  • Issues in timely delivery
  • Spam
  • Lack of empathy
  • Expectations and huge queues
  • Risk of website

Clarifications Can Be Difficult:

It is not easy to explain questions on emails to resolve customers’ issues, which leads to poor customer experience. As a result, customer satisfaction is compromised, dragging down your business.

Moreover, clarifications can stretch the conversations too long. Clients get frustrated and shift to some other brand.

Issues in Timey Delivery:

Sometimes when you respond to the consumers’ emails, they do not end in their inbox. The reason could be that their inbox is full, and the service provider decided that maybe your email is too spammy.

Hence, you can lose your customers. So, there is a lot that can happen. You cannot risk your brands’ reputation.


Anonymous emails can be a risk since some recipients avoid commercial emails. Also, keep your emails updated with privacy and data protection to avoid any mishaps. Moreover, it helps you keep the data secure.

Lack of Empathy:

One cannot fully understand the mental state of a customer through emails. For example, when a customer sends you an email, they might already be frustrated. It is possible the agent cannot understand the customers’ sentiments which enhances the frustration state.

Expectations and Huge Queues:

Outsource support 24/7 live services enhance your business’ growth remarkably. But a customer agent is not bound to answer all the emails as soon as possible. Hence, the bulk of emails pile up, and it takes a lot of time to respond to them.

As a result, the customers do not wait for answers and move to other firms. Also, when a client receives an unclear and short reply, it leaves a negative impression, and you lose customers.

Risk of Website: 

If several customers report the company’s email as spam, the company website can be shut down once the web host approves the report.

Business Email Support
Advantages Disadvantages
1. Accessible Difficult in Clarification
2. Trustworthy Spam
3. Traceable Timely responses difficulty
4. Cost-effective Lack of empathy
5.  File Attachment Expectations and huge queues
6. Conversation Record Risk of website
7. Less Intimidating


So, while providing the customers with email support, ensure fast and transparent responses. Otherwise, it will affect your position in the market, and you will lose your customers to your competitors.


Many companies prefer outsourcing their business email support. With efficient email assistance, you retain your customers. Moreover, it keeps your position strong in the market. Customer satisfaction is the basis of your business’ success.

Therefore, DOS provides excellent email support services and helps you achieve your goals without difficulty. Their services are budget-friendly and available round the clock. For more information, visit their website and get yourself efficient customer support services.

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