The First Look – To Reveal or Not to Reveal


This is the most important aspect to consider. If you experience a traditional church ceremony The First Look – To Reveal or Not to Reveal

Asked at any time by my partner about the pros and cons have the first appearance.  At post today, I will share my thoughts about the first appearance, and answer all your questions! Event companies in chennai

Time of your ceremony
This is the most important aspect to consider. If you experience a traditional church ceremony in the morning or evening, you might not do the first look. Why? Because you will have a gap after the ceremony ends, before the reception starts, and must have a lot of time to complete your photos.

If your ceremony is then in the afternoon or evening and your event schedule is back the ceremony flows into a cocktail clock which then flows into dinner) You will not have a lot of time to do your bride and study, bridal party photos, and photos family, and I would highly recommend having the first look in this matter. flipposting

Event flow
You can have a prolonged cocktail clock (like 1.5-2 hours) to try and get all the photos done during that time, but I would advise you to consider this from a guest perspective: if you are a guest at the wedding, you will want Standing for 1.5 to 2 hours during cocktail hours while the whole family is doing a photo? The answer is likely not.

Photo location
If you plan to take all your photos during cocktail hours and don’t have the first look, is there room that you will do adequately? If you plan to do photos outside, is there an ideal rain reserve location? Will you be separated from your guests during cocktail so they won’t try to approach you when you are busy doing photos? Keep in mind that if your reception room requires flip rooms, you will not have access to that room during cocktail for photos. The First Look – To Reveal or Not to Reveal

Time your cocktail hours
I never wanted my partner to feel in a hurry at their wedding point. If you have the first look on that day, you can make the most of your photos out of the way, so during cocktail hours, you can:

A. Join your guests, relax and enjoy with them.

B. Stay in the bridal suite and have personal moments as brides & grooms (like your planner, I will always make sure Hors d’oeuvres and your favorite drinks are taken there!)

C. Take expanded family photos, and then join your guests.

Will it make my ceremony less special?
My short answer is: really no! In fact, This is a good decision for couples who want to spend time calmly together before the ceremony.

In the end there is no right or wrong answer, it is a personal decision based on many factors, as mentioned above. If you are more traditional, and your wedding schedule allows it, you might want to miss the first look. But if you want to relieve the nervous day of the wedding day and give yourself more time to enjoy your cocktail clock, the first display might be the right choice for you. Talk to your photographer and your planner if you are on the fence, and I’m sure you will make the best decision for your wedding day! Top 10 event management companies in chennai

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