The 05 best free driving games for PC

In this list you will find many best free driving games, which will be the majority of them. It is one of the main ways to get money to develop them, to make them free and then put in micropayments to get advantages or more speed when unlocking things. But we also have some totally free and open source games , which are complete and where there will be no payment option.


We start with a car that is a mixture of genres that makes it difficult to classify, but between these genres is arcade and driving, so despite not having cars we included it in the list. The objective is to advance as much as you can , getting more points the longer you manage to hold out.

The mechanics are simple. Through the infinite path you will see the path with some markers that follow it. If you go exactly through the markers you get points, and if you get combos of getting several at the same time there is more score. You will have to do everything while dodging buildings, because if you crash your game will be over.

Petrobras Brand Cup

This is one of the best free driving games of the Brazilian Petrobras Brand Cup, a free-to-play simulator that promises to offer you all the excitement of the competition with car models from different manufacturers and some of their main tracks. The game has neither microtransactions nor pay-to-win system.

The modeling of the circuits and the cars is very good, and the physics are very successful, although the graphics engine is already somewhat old and it shows. Keep in mind that it is a simulation game, so it is more enjoyable with a steering wheel, and if you are one of those who prefers more casual titles, it may be a bit complicated for you.

cross out

Let’s go now with a somewhat different proposal. It is an online multiplayer post-apocalyptic action game, in which you will have to climb on the back of your vehicle/battle machine to face your rivals and destroy them. It has a very Mad Max-inspired aesthetic , and its battles are player versus player in online mode.

The base game is free, although there are several packs or DLCs available on Steam that are paid for, and they don’t cost exactly that little.

Late City Riders

This is a racing games unblocked for a single person, with graphics that are not as spectacular as most of the ones you’ll find on this list, but with a very interesting proposal. You won’t have to compete against others, but beat races against the clock in which you have to complete a route in a certain time.

No, it’s not as easy as it seems because the tracks have curves, slopes, and impossible jumps. By proxy, you can also collide with other cars and make your character shoot out into another car that will start racing. All this with 20 different levels that quickly escalate in difficulty, so you won’t have time to get bored.

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Nitro Nation 6

A game of Drag Race competitions , which are those of accelerating to see who can run a distance first. In this title, which by the way is also available on mobile, you will have to forget about everything other than speeding up and focus on changing gear at the right time. Neither swerves nor impossible curves.

The game uses real cars with the possibility of improving them in the garage with improvements that you have to buy, either with the money you earn in the race or by putting something from your pocket.

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