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Ecommerce website development Vancouver

Having a website is essential, not only for companies but also for personal businesses. For years we have entered what is the digital age, the age of the network, of online connections, and not being an integral part of all this corresponds to a form of isolation that is often harmful to the business. Being the best development company, we provide the best service of ecommerce website development in Vancouver

But why do you have to be online? Why do you need ecommerce website development in Vancouver?

Because our customers and our potential customers are online, the people interested in our information, our services and our products are online, our collaborators and competitors are online. So we cannot fail to be.

Having a profile and an account or a page on social networks is important, but having your own website is a sign of professionalism: it means having our own URL (mydomain.TLD) on which you can put what you want and more represents you, including e-commerce, with our email boxes (myname @ mydomain.TLD) that identify us in online communications.

By developing your own website you can achieve goals:

  • you can increase your brand reputation , the knowledge of your services and products
  • you can collect contacts and references of potential customers
  • a series of communications can be established with interested persons via contact forms and emails
  • assistance can be given to acquired customers
  • you can sell services and products directly online, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day
  • you can do a lot of things!

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Making a website is easy, making a well-done website is a different kettle of fish

The development and creation of a website are often presented as something very simple, very easy, a few clicks and that’s it: the site is ready!

Are you sure it works like this? does it work properly? does the person who created it or who asked for it reach the goals set for itself? does it rank on Google and search engines? does it have an effective mast and navigability? There are many questions that we can ask ourselves and that can give a first clue to the quality of the sites. The ecommerce website development in Vancouver is something different from ordinary sites. 

To develop an eCommerce there are some further assessments

Unlike a presentation website, ecommerce provides the possibility of making purchases directly online.

Here too there are simple solutions, in a few clicks, at low cost, but is this really how it works?

An ecommerce does not sell alone, a catalog does not load itself, a warehouse does not update itself. 

Before trying your hand at online sales, you need to make some considerations and preliminary assessments, which a good consultant will be able to indicate to you.

Selling online with an e-commerce means knowing how to manage a shop open 24 hours a day, with management and verification of payments, connections with your credit institution, agreements with couriers for continuous shipments, management of packaging if necessary, management of guarantees, returns, pre-sales and post-sales customer assistance, and so on.

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