Reasons why LiteSpeed web hosting is an Exceptional Choice

LiteSpeed web hosting is the Best Choice – LiteSpeed is a special web server solution found in 2003. Later statements were well-known LSWS for being one of the firmest choices in the market. Furthermore, similar web hosting solutions include Apache. For example, LiteSpeed is certainly not free. Still, you will have to take into account several performance assistances, which might cost more. cPanel completely supports LSWS, which specifies that speeding up your site might be more suitable than you think. Therefore LiteSpeed web hosting is an exceptional choice for you.

Significance of Litespeed Hosting:

LiteSpeed web hosting cache technology is the greatest to decrease the page load times of your site. Therefore it allows the website to upsurge the page speed score. Customers might face high-speed site loading pages with Linux Hosting. Speed is one of the most noteworthy factors to let people visit your website for much longer. If the speed of your website is slow, it will inevitably damage the complete performance. In addition, LiteSpeed hosting also offers you both exceptional speed and performance so that you do not come across any kind of attacks on the server.

LiteSpeed Web Hosting is also vital for shared hosting environments. Websites that run on a shared hosting platform are typically powered using LiteSpeed web hosting, which is usually hosted on servers demanding much less CPU as well as storage than Apache. Therefore it operates the applications at a fast and expectable CPU and memory usage. All in all, LiteSpeed Web Hosting is a lot fast than Apache Web Server. It is 50% fast in comparison with PHP performance.

Main LiteSpeed Gains

  • Additional Security: You can continue to use familiar mod security rules, which are also remarkably good for built-in anti-DDoS facets, which include bandwidth as well as connection throttling.
  • Extreme capacity of Apache: The popular “shared” web hosts make use of the Apache webserver. Consequently, LiteSpeed Web Server has streamlined event-driven architecture, which is proficient enough to control several concurrent clients using less memory consumption and CPU usage.
  • Decrease in Complexity: By eliminating the need for one of the HTTPS reverse proxy or further 3rd party caching layers is also one of the aims which show that LiteSpeed web hosting is an exceptional choice.

Reasons Why LiteSpeed web hosting is an Exceptional Choice:

Let us consider some of the motives why LiteSpeed is an exceptional choice and replacement for Apache in contrast with other web servers.

Upsurge in Performance:

LiteSpeed functions fine when serving websites and pages to accumulate numerous visitors each second. The finest thing is that it uses nominal hardware resources, including memory and CPU. Nevertheless, LiteSpeed offers static content at a much faster rate in contrast with any other web server. In addition, it increases PHP performance which is for custom PHP LSAPI.

For example, if you have a WordPress site using a VPS Hosting Server, LiteSpeed is remarkably good help. Nevertheless, if you switch from Apache to LSWS, you can evidently see that your server load is going to decrease up to 10 times instantaneously.

Increase in Security:

LiteSpeed web hosting is an exceptional choice since there are numerous security benefits of LSWS. Initially, if you need 100% Apache compatible, you will have to utilize the mod security module, which you will eventually use to block several web attacks. LiteSpeed works as being with all the apparent rules without any need for additional setup.

Above all, LiteSpeed comprises numerous security aspects available with the site under DoS or DDoS outbreak. LSWS is typically a built-in anti-DDoS option that includes bandwidth and connection control. In addition, LiteSpeed developers are commendable for quickly addressing DoS attacks.

Reduce in Hardware Cost:

LiteSpeed is a paid solution, but while linking $30-40/mo in licensing fees for hundreds and thousands of dollars, which are consumed in hardware. Therefore it makes your server fast and reliable enough. In addition, LSWS also reduces the cost of system administration, particularly when it comes to 24/7 technical support. Therefore, you can certainly contact the LiteSpeed Team and get instant help while encountering such issues.

Greater SEO results and Profitability:

In 2022, it is certainly not big a big deal when site speed is the main factor vital for client satisfaction. Therefore search engines benefit in loading pages at a much faster rate. Google uses above 250 various components while ranking sites. Nevertheless, it still weighs more than others. In addition to this, speed is certainly one of the key factors which are certainly best for publicly outlining its reputation. Consequently, you can see how LiteSpeed is certainly a great option. It undeniably offers a fast webserver technology because it provides a great way to guarantee optimization with proper speed and performance.

Get the best LiteSpeed hosting from Navicosoft!

Websites have numerous diverse goals, purposes, and target audiences. Consequently, each web page can use fast and dependable servers, whatever the niche isIn addition, LiteSpeed is easily expendable with Apache since numerous hosting providers are present. Therefore it brings maximum performance with numerous cost benefits in the long run.

Navicosoft provides you with LiteSpeed Hosting, which is fully cost-effective and minimizes the support cost along with the salient aspects for decreasing the server burden. Moreover, LiteSpeed Hosting is extremely compatible with Apache Web Server, with the finest performance.

We also provide you LiteSpeed web Hosting with some of the key benefits along with the Add-ons for better performance and development. LiteSpeed Hosting server serves you with the smallest CPU usage and memory depletion since it is a highly elevated code server and maximizes the top performance. In addition to this, Navicosoft also provides you with a secure website since it comprises all the security aspects, including Anti DDOs, SSL certificates, and a firewall.

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