Plan a cake smash photography for your toddler

The trend of cake smash’s photography comes from the US; it is a smack celebration in which parents usually celebrate the first milestone of their baby. However, the cake smashes photography sessions are a fun way to create memories where a cake presents in front of the baby. Waiting for the baby to hit the cake looks fascinating to the baby, which lets the baby smash and explore the cake in their way. Therefore, many parents look for cake smash photography near me to make it memorable with toddlers.

Tips for cake smash photography session

Cake smash photography is fun for your toddler; you can have a great session with them. The primary purpose of cake smash’s photography is to capture all the beauty of a toddler, which the parents and kids can see in their future time as a memory. Following are the tips that can make your session much livelier and more attractive:

Let the baby eat the cake.

Let the baby be hungry a few minutes before the cake smash’s photography session. It will help that when the cake serves to the baby, he will try to eat it and ruin it. Then, unfortunately, the baby will smash and dig the cake immediately, and there will be no fear that the baby will not destroy the cake.

Bring the babies’ favorite stuff.

Parents should bring all the stuff that makes the baby, so when the baby gets cranky, they can give it to the baby, which will change the baby’s mood. However, snacks can be an excellent option to divert the babies’ attention. Parents know well what their child needs when crying; if the baby is foody, then putting some snacks beside the cake is a good option.

Give the baby a proper nap.

The baby must have a good sleep before the cake smash photography to avoid any inconvenience in the meantime. If the baby does not get enough sleep, he will not be happy during the session. For this, the parents should monitor the sleep pattern of their children to avoid crankiness from the baby at the time of the cake smash’s photography.

Bath time photography

Right after the Cake smash photography, there is a bath session when the baby gets all dirty. Usually, the photographer considers this session a bath time photography and captures these special moments in the form of photographs. This session is essential as the baby smashes the cake and gets all dirty, so they must clean from head to toe. Also, the baby must clean after the cake smash’s photography as toddler skin is so sensitive, so the cream on the cake can harm their skin. Therefore, quick stuff must be with the baby’s parents, so the baby gets clean and ready for some more pictures.

What to look for in cake smash photography?

Parents must be cautious when selecting the photographers for the cake smash’s photography for their children. Mostly, it comes under the package offered by the event planners managing your event. Here are some of the things that you must look for:

Find the best cake

The cake in the smash photography sessions must be pastel in a color that attracts the child-like pink, blue, lemon yellow, green, and more. Therefore, the cake should be of organic ingredients that will not harm the children’s health when they eat it in the Cake smash photography session. There must be two cakes, one can smash during the session, and another can serve after the session.

Location for the session

The location for the photography session must not be far from the home because the child can be aggressive at any time, so the parents immediately go home. Also, some locations are for the cake smash session; the photographer can suggest one. Finally, make the location you are also selecting comfortable for the babies.

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