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Personalize your gift basket with a logo on the box

Often, businesses and companies prefer to distribute courtesy giveaways or gifts after a meeting, workshop or corporate event. These gifts increase the reputation of the firms, boosting the morale of their employees. These giveaways are a token of appreciation to the hard workers and laborers of the companies. During special occasions like Christmas, Halloween or success in business-related activities, small Personalize your gift basket are an excellent perk.

Most businesses make the mistake of selecting gifts with no true value. Here are some gift baskets products by Nutcracker Sweet, which are the best gifts you can grant to your employees.


  1. Custom chocolate couture box

This is a customised handmade box with the most delicious types of chocolates, all from famous brands. These boxes mostly consist of truffles from Lindor, but the customers receive chocolates of their choice as well. This chocolate box is very economical, costing only $50 and offered with or without a company logo. This chocolate box has six sections in it, capable of separating several different kinds of luscious chocolate.


  1. Custom slate coasters

Whenever a person is purchasing a present for someone, they attach a gift card alongside it because it increases the gift’s presentable and memorable qualities. Usually, it is advisable for companies to secure a card along with their name and logo, as a sign that they appreciate the efforts of the workers. This will motivate their employees and, as a result, increase the workflow. Nutcracker Sweets can provide you with a customized slate or a card with the company’s logo imprinted. Buyers can even customize the colour of their choice. These cards are beautifully design. With the intention of looking elegant and stylistic.


  1. Customised corporate logo basket

The customise logo basket is usually purchase by company owners for foreign guests, or for special employees. This multi-shaded basket has a lovely range of colours, themed black and gold. The formality and radiance of the basket pays tribute to the values of the company, impressing anyone who will lay eyes on it. The goodies in this basket include top-rated chocolates and cookies. The goodies can also be customised as per the client’s demand. A gold-colour ribbon is attached to this basket, embellishing it with a classy finish. These baskets are presentable and well-loved among many customers. Their inclusion of the company’s logo makes these gift baskets marketable and tasteful.


  1. Custom logo ribbon

Often people wrap their gifts with a ribbon, because of the sleek, refined look it embodies. Nutcracker Sweets, too, provides customised ribbons, so that customers can buy a ribbon of their favourite colour, or one that matches the wrapping of the gift. To make these presents memorable, companies can imprint their logo on the ribbon. This finishing look is essential to the presentation of your gift basket.

Nutcracker Sweets is well known for providing customised gift packages and baskets. These baskets range from classic to modern, and the enormous quantity of options allows people the chance to decide on the best one, according to their taste.



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