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Motorized Window Shades – Convenience and Style Combined


Manually opening and closing window shades is time-consuming, particularly when many windows require multiple passes to open or close them. Motorized blinds are the perfect solution for this problem and offer several other benefits.

Shades drawn and closed at predetermined times can offer security by creating the illusion that you’re home, serving as a deterrent against intruders.


Control your motorized blinds or shades with a remote, an app on your phone, or your voice (and your favorite intelligent assistant). You can also schedule them to move automatically when you’re away from home.

Most motorized window treatments in Hunter Douglas Shades use radio to avoid cords, making them quieter and more child and pet-friendly than traditional shades or blinds. They typically work from up to 65 feet and come with single or multi-channel remotes.

A centralized wall switch is installed in place of your light fixture, allowing you to adjust up to 15 shades from a central location. You can even pair them with your smart home devices to enable automation based on the time of day or the lighting in your home.


Sometimes, it can be challenging to close your shades if you’re engrossed in a great book or watching a fantastic movie. Motorized shades make it possible to block out the sun during the hottest part of the day without having to get up and manually close them.

Additionally, a cordless design removes potential strangulation hazards for young children and pets. This is a significant improvement over traditional window coverings that can cause harm when kids or pets become entangled in a string or pull cord.

Lastly, programmable shades that open and close at set times can provide security for your home when you’re away on vacation or business trips. This will allow your house to look occupied and deter burglars from targeting your home.

Energy Efficiency

If you have kids or pets, you’ll appreciate that motorized shades don’t have dangling cords that can pose a choking risk. That makes them safer than standard window treatments.

Motorized shades can work seamlessly with other smart home devices to optimize energy consumption based on real-time conditions. For example, you can program your shades to open at sunrise and close at sunset, mimicking natural light cycles that reduce the need for artificial lighting.

You can also create vacation automation settings that raise and lower your window coverings systematically when you’re out of town to give the appearance that someone is home, deterring burglars or thieves. This feature can be paired with automated lights to increase security and protection. The best part is that you can control everything from anywhere, whether at home or on the go.


A motorized operating system allows you to raise and lower your shades with a touch of your remote, mobile device, or voice. This will enable you to control your privacy and prevent direct sunlight from damaging your furniture over time.

Cords found in traditional window treatments are a potential safety hazard for children and pets who can get entangled in them, resulting in suffocation. Motorized window shades from reliable services such as Treaty Oaky Shade Company and blinds are free of cords and make your home safer for families with small children.

For added safety, you can also set your programmable automation to open or close your shades at certain times of the day when you’re away from home. This creates the illusion that your home is occupied and deters criminals looking for empty homes.

Light Control

There is no need to reach for the cords to adjust your shades with motorization. With just the push of a button, you can lower or raise your window treatments and tilt them to the desired position. This feature is handy for homeowners with hard-to-reach windows.

Safety is another benefit of motorized blinds and shades. Since they eliminate cords that can cause a strangulation hazard, your children and pets will be safer at home.

Additionally, you can program your shades to open and close at specific times throughout the day while you’re on vacation or out of town for business. This can detect burglars who are looking for vacant homes to target. It also makes your home appear occupied to anyone looking out your neighborhood for potential targets.

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