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Latest New Moon Predictions

New Moon Predictions

Are you someone who is always eager to know about new moon predictions?  

Are you eager to find out what this new Moon brings for you?  

If yes, then you are in the right place.  

Latest New Moon Predictions

The new Moon brings emotional things to the surface and offers a time of the month for reflection and rumination on what has been going on in your life lately or action and initiation of something new against things that need to be completed recently. It’s a time to sit down with your emotions and process them completely. Though April began with a new moon, the latest new moon predictions are that we will have another new moon on 30 April. Yes, two new moons in a month. If you are curious to find out how this new Moon is going to shape or deform things for you, then this personal blogger has everything lined up for you in this blog. Have a look. 

This Full Moon occurs when the Sun is in Aries, and therefore the Moon is in Libra. Thus, our focus turns to the work of our closest relationships and maintaining them. It’s all a balancing act, give and take, compromise – getting what you need but also giving them what they want. 

Let’s proceed further to get answer to questions like, does it all work? do your relationships work equally well for everyone involved? 

The Five of Coins wants you to realize that you still hold grudges against people who have already proven their worth or deserve forgiveness. Don’t keep doing this to yourself or to them. Drop the load on the ground. Release the past. Maintain relationships without past conflicts or regrets. Draw a line in the sand and clear the slate on this Full Moon. 

The emperor reveals that there is a power dynamic in a close relationship that requires immediate attention. Someone has too many advantages, and the control issue is out of control. What started as love or passion has turned into something negative, even toxic, possibly through distrust or jealousy. Personalities change. People want different things. Have a talk. See if you can realign or if it’s time to go your own way. 

A major decision has had a lasting impact on a close relationship. With Two Swords still clashing, things are flying as you are undecided and have not determined your forward course. They want to know what’s going on, what to do and how it will affect them. And it’s time to make that decision and work through what it means for your relationship. Life can get in the way, but it doesn’t have to be a complete blockage. You can’t resolve compromises or solutions until you know your destiny, so speed up to that point now. 


New moons can be sweet for some signs, whereas utterly bitter for the remaining signs. But things get along, and if you want to know about the new moon predictions, you know which personal blogger to follow.  

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