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Kareo EMR; Features that Improve can your Workflows

Kareo EMR

Kareo EHR has grown by 200 percent in the last two years and is soon becoming a significant player in the sector ( as reported by the company ). Kareo EHR is a tempting offer for independent solo practices needing an EHR system with a robust practice management module. But that’s not all. Kareo also offers medical billing as well as revenue cycle management.

If you’re considering switching to Kareo from a different EHR or if you’re making the change from paper to electronic, Kareo EMR is an attractive option in both cases. Kareo EMR is an excellent EHR that comes with a lot of customizability and can be structured to suit your existing workflow. However, it offers extreme potential for improvement. 

In this post, I’ll go over a few of Kareo EMR’s features and how they can help streamline your workflow and increase productivity. You should keep in mind that most of the time, this increase in productivity will simply result from adopting Kareo EMR as its such a robust system. Moreover, I’ll also add some tips that can help you save time through the patient encounter. With that said; here are the top five features of Kareo EMR; 

Kareo EMR Features

Kareo EMR comes loaded with all the modern features that are expected from an EHR solution in 2021. 

The best thing about Kareo Clinical’s EHR suite isn’t its host of features. After all, they’re more or less the same as every other EHR solution. Instead, the best thing about Kareo Clinical’s EHR is the dashboard. It’s very efficiently laid out, easy to navigate, and intuitive. Moreover, it’s configurable. This configurability is the key to unlocking never before seen productivity. 

I highly encourage you to take the time to set up your dashboard, making sure that the tabs you use most are the most prominent on your screen. Having your schedule right there on the dashboard will also help you stay on top of appointments and tasks. 

On top of that, Kareo EMR supports mobile devices. Using an iPad can also boost productivity as you’ll be able to get tasks done on the go. For example, having an iPad next to you would be more convenient in the exam room, and when switching exams rooms, you could just take it with you, just like a notepad or clipboard. 

If you’re not using Kareo Billing, you should! Kareo billing will be directly integrated into your workflow and codes you enter, while charting will automatically be carried forward into billing. Right out of the gate, that’s hours saved re-entering codes. Moreover, now you only have to review the final bill instead of creating it from scratch. 

On the other hand, Kareo can completely handle your finances and take that burden off your shoulders. Kareo will even send out a color-enhanced, intuitive, and easy-to-read statement that increases the likelihood that your patients will notice their bill and pay your invoice sooner. Kareo Billing will do the legwork for you by printing, processing, and delivering your patient statements, saving your team time and getting you paid faster. 

Lastly, you may improve your patient collections workflow by sending out automated text and email statements, ensuring patients get balance reminder warnings before receiving a print statement. This puts each patient’s medical bill in the forefront of their minds following a doctor’s visit.

Patient engagement tools are a must for any practice in 2021. The benefit you receive is unparalleled, and engagement tools will help your practice grow. But, that’s not all with Kareo EMR’s patient engagement, you gain the full advantage of end-to-end patient experience management when you combine Kareo EMR’s patient engagement with your Billing and Clinical processes. Your front-office employees can remain on top of critical patient communications, therefore increasing patient outcomes and satisfaction. Satisfied patients are more inclined to submit favorable evaluations, suggest friends, and return.

Moreover, you’ll experience a significant reduction in human error-prone data entry, and this will make life much easier for your billing department. Online patient intake, insurance capture, and eligibility check all aid in collecting accurate and complete patient data for future appointments. This saves your team time and avoids patient payment confusion.

With Kareo’s Telehealth, you can connect with patients from anywhere around the world. Moreover, it can do wonders for your practice’s workflow and productivity. Firstly, video appointments are much more efficient than in-person visits. This not only saves your time but your staff’s as well. Secondly, the number of no-shows decreases as patients don’t have to worry about transportation issues, taking time off from work, or taking care of children; they can easily make it to their appointment from the comfort of their homes. 

On top of that, scheduling is convenient for customers and staff alike, and there is no onboarding time. You can be in and out of a meeting with just the press of a button. 

This is more of an honorable mention as leveraging analytics won’t directly streamline your workflow. However, it can make sure that your efforts are directed at the right place. So often, we put in a lot of work, but the outcomes don’t reflect our efforts. With Kareo Analytics, you’ll find precisely the areas that need improvement, helping you save time and effort while your practice grows. 

Final Words

Kareo EMR is an excellent EHR solution. The features outlined in this post will help you streamline your workflow if you’re currently using Kareo EMR. However, if you’re thinking of switching, Kareo offers much more than just these five features to help streamline your workflow and boost productivity. 

In the end, it’s important to remember that the most significant gains in productivity will only result if you utilize all features of Kareo EMR to their fullest potential. However, it’s important to make incremental changes that don’t require you to deviate much from the existing workflow in your quest for a streamlined workflow. Adopting an entirely new workflow will need you and your staff first to get used to it.

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