Ideas of Fashion Captions to Post on Instagram With Your #OOTD

Taking pictures and recording short videos has become the new normal. Whether you have a popular account on Instagram or have a thing for posting regular outfits or t-shirt – there are thick chances that you might have posted a few #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) pictures. But after already posting 100 or about 500 pictures online; you might be running out of options. The ideas of captions, poses, and outfits- everything goes for a toss at times like this.

We already know, the hardest part of an Instagram picture is creating a caption for it. Getting the right words is important but equally difficult to make your post likable and enjoyable. So, if you are already out of options then this blog is going to help you out with some amazing ideas of fashion caption. So, keep reading to know how you can bring some new things to your timeline.

  • Captions that highlight the style

One of the coolest caption for best sweatshirts for men will be highlighting the style. Let’s just say you are wearing something indifferent for a party. Maybe you pull out one of your funny sweatshirts, pair it with denims, and flip flops. This is one style that you can use for a party. Now if you want to put up a caption for this, why don’t you take it easy on yourself and just tell people about the style.

  • Talk about the colour of your outfit

This is nothing new; even the celebs sometimes use this trick for their Instagram captions. What you will have to do is simply tag the colour of your outfit in your post. Many single liners are there that people use and they work so much better for them. The next time you try out any theme, just remember using the colour of your outfit and it may be just enough for your post.

  • Speak about the brand

Yes, you heard that right! At times when you don’t have anything to talk about in your post, let the brand do the talking. Captions, as we have already told, are just a game of words and it can be done easily if you know what to write as a theme. So, when you are unable to think of anything, just use the name of the brand in your caption.

  • You can talk about the theme of your dress

No matter what you wear, where you go; most of your instagram followers wouldn’t know the actual reason for you wearing a particular outfit, right? So, take that to your advantage because it can solve your caption problem. While telling about your dress in a single line, you can add the theme of the party you just enjoyed.

  • You can also write about your designer

One of the best ways to fill up the space of your caption section is to tell about your designer, if you have one or look for the best t-shirt design website and get yourself a good t-shirt. That is going to help you a lot. If you are already an influencer, this can get you some income too.

  • Use the first line

Oh yes, the latest update of instagram has made the captions smaller and compact. You now can only use 3 lines effectively because after that the viewer has to click on the “Read More” section. So, when you have limited space, why not make it count? While making the section a bit compelling, try to integrate any call to action if you need to. Because after the caption section went through the trim, all that matters is the first two lines. If you put the CTA somewhere in the last lines it wouldn’t matter.

  • Ask a question

Recently, Instagram has allowed people to put their question on their page or story. This way, the creators get more engagement. So, while this is important for influencers or those who have a good followership; you can also use this to your advantage. While posting a picture, you can simply raise a question in your caption. Or you can simply ask your viewers to rate your outfit. All of that is going to be a good choice.

  • You can add value too

A picture might be liked or disliked by people but if you put in some valuable content or something in your post- that will be very helpful. You can write down some informative statements too. Write about your outfit by telling the price, how much will your entire outfit cost and so on. Like if you are wearing an independent artist t shirts, then tell others how it is important for them to know about it. Or how they can get that particular t-shirt.

  • Give them the address or shopping place

If you are too lazy to search or think about a new caption. Then don’t worry, you can simply tell your audience about the shopping address or portal from where you got your attire. That’s one way to make your people happy and fill in your caption space with something innovative. Don’t you think so?

  • Write about your experience

If you are wearing an attire for the first time in your life. There would be a lot of things that you might have to share with your viewers on your timeline. Why not do that with your picture in your caption space? You can pick up the points that you rate as good points in your attire and then pick those that you disliked about it. This way your audience will also get an idea of things that they should do and things they should avoid.

  • Give them the best suggestions or ask

While you wear an attire with some accessories, there are a lot of mistakes, differentiation, and betterment. For every person, the way to wear an attire can be completely different, isn’t it? So either you can suggest to people what all they can try with the attire or you can simply go the other way around. Rather than giving your suggestions, you can ask people about the same. Rather than you being decider let them shower their understanding and likings. This way you will be able to fill up your caption space as well as give your audience a chance to get the propeller in their hands.

  • Make your posts look authentic

A lot of people put up captions that seem as if a robot has typed it for you. And this will never help you. Either while putting up the content or writing the caption, it is advised and is better to make the post sound like it is you talking. Make it look like you speak. True, there are a lot of factors that may steer it but at the bottomline you will always want to come out natural, isn’t it?

  • You can become a storyteller

Oh, that’s one of the best caption ideas that you may get to hear from anyone else. To become a storyteller is to make your caption look like a story. You can start writing by the initial thing that came to your mind while you picked the attire. Then how it panned out to be a decision. And close it by telling people- if at all people liked what you wore or not. This is of utmost importance in these captions.

  • Try to use emojis

The invention of emojis was done to make things tricky isn’t it? What do you think about it? Emojis are not just your emotion conveyor but more than that. It can be used to be playful and tell people a lot about something. While you use emojis on your caption, it adds a lot of emotions and a tricky sense of satisfaction. You can use emojis to make your captions look better.

  • Use more hashtags

On social media platforms, there is a limit to everything, even for hashtags. But instagram has nothing of such. You can simply use multiple hashtags but all of them should be relevant to your attire anyhow. You can use tags that would tell you about the reason it is there, or it can be simply due to the searchability increment. Whatsoever it may be, just keep integrating more and more hashtags to get a better response.


Captions are just the game of words that can make your picture more beautiful. And if you use the right keywords and hashtags; it might get traction too. And on top of it; you can make your picture reach a good number of people by a good caption. So, if you believe that there is nothing left for you to put up on your caption page, then the above-given options might just help you in doing so. And if you are out of fashion accessories or outfits then, you can check out the website Design hill for some amazing options. From vintage t-shirts to cool t-shirts there are multiple options that can help you in kickstarting your instagram account.

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