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How to Write Google Ad Copy to Gain More Clicks

How to write Google Ad Copy

Copywriting is the process of trying to get someone interested in something [to buy or sign up for something]. It involves putting together a compelling story that makes people want to click on your ad and check out your product.

With Google Ads, you can write copy (the content of the ad, sometimes also referred to as an advertisement) which you can then show up whenever someone searches for certain keywords. These keywords depend on what type of product you are trying to sell and should be selected based on popular searches related to your product.

For example, if I have an online store for home decor I might look at some of the most popular searches for this keyword combination: “buy curtains” “curtains” + “online”. This will give me an idea of what people are searching for when it comes to buying curtains.

Google gives you a list of related search terms which I copy and paste into the Google Ad words tool together with other keyword suggestions. I’ll then put each keyword in front of each word describing my product or service, separated by commas (do not use spaces). For example:

Buy, online, curtains – For Sale – Shop Online

And below that copywriting goes on this page/post/article [or wherever the ad should be placed]. You do not need to copy everything here verbatim but should try to copy style/tone/voice/mannerism as much as possible because that is what makes it work. The more copywriting you copy here, the better chance of someone clicking on your ads.

You should also use the keyword in the title and is always a good idea to include it in your call to action (the text that says what people should do: “buy now” or “learn more”). ‚Äč

As an example I will copy this exact copywriting into my ad copy: Buy online curtains, shop-online for sale. Below that copy occurs is an explanation of why you would want such curtains. What they’re for and how they help you. The more compelling reason you give, the more likely someone is going to buy them from me! [Online stores provide many benefits over their brick and mortar counterparts]

Remember though with copywriting for Google ads is copy for the ads, not necessarily copy you would use in another context. Don’t copy copywriting verbatim word-for-word but take bits here and there. Like I did above, copy this exact copy for your ad, or copy something similar to ensure you are successful with Google Ad words!

Add a call to action at the end of your copy – what should people do?

What keyword are they supposed to enter into their browser? For example: Buy online curtains, shop online for sale. Alternatively, you can insert clickable links into your copy which automatically takes people to where you want them.

Post scriptum / additions:

Mention where all this was taken from by adding an author’s name/website name/reference to where this copy came from. The more references you include, the higher your credibility becomes (make sure these are valid points of reference though).

Add a byline/author info

Who is this copywritten by? You can use copywriting examples or copy them verbatim. It helps build credibility if it looks like the copy was written by someone else other than yourself. Which will then result in higher click-through rates for your Google ads! If you copywriting, do not change very much at all to maintain readability and flow. Make sure the style stays consistent throughout the copy to avoid being seen as fake/fake advertising!

All text within “QUOTES” should be copied verbatim

Article copywriting copy within “QUOTES” should be copied verbatim. Even if copywriting is a bit rough or there are spelling errors. Those copywriting mistakes will still show up but if you copy them exactly as they appear here. Then it changes your copy from being fake/fake advertising to real copy which people might actually click on! This copy is fairly rough as you can see and may need some editing but the point remains the same.

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