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How to Set an Achievable Goal when you’re Struggling with Fitness

You set a new goal with the intent to keep following. You are set and going all in for a few weeks. Only to start feeling you have reached your burnout point. You start falling into the same old habits, feeling defeated and again telling yourself that you have to be “stricter” to get better.

If this is something you can relate to, then let us tell you one thing. This is not you, it’s not your laziness or your lack of motivation. What’s missing is the right alignment. You need to pave the path according to your individual needs. Create a plan that fits you and not a plan that you have to fit into. We will get more into this, further in the article.

Right now you don’t have to worry about a thing, as we have got your back! Just put on your custom fitness wear and let us guide you!

We have for you the necessary steps to follow that will help you achieve your goal which feels impossible right now.

1. Focus on One Goal at a Time

When it comes to setting fitness goals, most of us try to do everything all at once. This is where you are making the biggest mistake! We create lists and steps of the perfect daily plan. And with so much going on in it, it becomes impossible to do everything exactly as it is. Trying to tackle so much all at once is just setting yourself up for failure.

With so much to achieve, if you fall short on one step or miss out on anything, it’s a domino effect from there onwards. You start to feel like a failure and stop doing everything all at once. This rapid energy gain that you can do all that comes to you. While falling to earth like a pile of mud, if you are unable to do so, can take a serious toll on your mental health.

Therefore, it is better that you set one goal at a time. Give yourself one little change to get used to, in your daily life. Focus all of your energy on making that your second nature. Until and unless you bring change in your temperament, it won’t be possible to get into a fitness regime. Just like your health can’t deteriorate in one day, you can’t bring about a change in that time frame too.

2. Set the Goals According to Your Needs

It is really easy to sit and scroll through social media and get inspired by the “perfect” bodies out there. Let’s get real for a second. None of the Insta models, you see and get envious of, are that fit in real life. Or even if they are, it does not come in one day, as they say.

These people set their goals according to the needs of their bodies, and so should you. Hear what your body tells you. See how much change it can take in a day. Get a fitness plan that is all you and not inspired by some know-it-all on the internet. Identify what is good for you and stick by it.

In other words, your goal should be something that you are personally excited about and can realistically achieve. It shouldn’t be anyone else’s. Make sure it’s something that your body accepts.

3. Your Goals Should be SMART.

Make your goals SMART. It means that, firstly, you should have a very specific goal. Start with something small and try to ace that. Secondly, your goal should be measurable. It should be something you can quantify and understand the difference. This would be helpful to track your progress.

Most importantly, your goal should be attainable. This is why, it should be designed according to your strengths and weaknesses, also keeping in mind your needs. If it would not be achievable by you, then it would be of no use.

Furthermore, they should be realistic. This means that don’t just take ideas, that can’t realistically happen, off of the internet. Lastly, the goals you set for yourself should be time-bound. Give yourself a time limit to achieve them. If you don’t have that in place you would be under no pressure to make it through.

4. Take Baby Steps—Don’t Push Your Self

Set small goals. Things that you are confident that you can achieve. Studies show, that when you have confidence within yourself you can achieve your goal. On the contrary, the less confident you are, the more likely it is that will not adhere to the steps that would make it happen. Therefore, ensure that you start with some all-important wins. As the more success you will start off with, the more you will stay with it.

5. Think Long-term – Focus on the Bigger Picture

In this world of instant coffee and touch screen phones, all we want is immediate gratification. Keep in mind that lasting changes take a while. Know that you can’t make everything happen in one week. Set long-term goals. Focusing on the bigger picture will help you see your goal as a lifestyle change instead of a quick fix.

6. Look at What’s Driving You

Sometimes our fitness goals can be driven by underlying insecurities, fears, a bad past or body image issues. Introspect as to what is driving you. Trying to accomplish something can stir up a lot of emotions. And it is important to address these issues, rather than thinking that achieving your goal would fix everything. If you are going through something rough, seek the help of a professional.

7. Put Together a Support System

Always have a support system. A set of people by you who encourage and motivate you. Those who make you want to achieve greater things in life. It should be a group of individuals you can always rely on and can reach out to if you need support. Only if you have a supportive environment can you turn around your life.

Now put on your personalized fitness apparel and get going! Good luck!


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