How to fix if Sky Yahoo email is not working?

You can access your Sky email account by visiting sky. com official website. If you are experiencing any issue while signing your Sky yahoo mail then, there might be some issue. You will see the “Sign in” option when the page opens. The sign-in option appears at the top right of the menu bar and the pop-up has a link that reads “Yahoo Mail Sign In”. Click on the link to move ahead with the Sky email login portal.If you don’t have the small popup on the screen then, you can access Sky email via the Sky account. If you are stuck because Sky Yahoo email is not working then, move ahead with the steps. Move ahead with the steps which we will discuss for resolution.

Resolution for Sky Yahoo Email isn’t Working Issue

Go to the Sky account portal and, click on the “Sign in” option that appears on the right of the menu bar. Sign in to your email account with the Sky ID and then, click on your name or username. It appears on the top-right corner of the screen and after that, choose Yahoo Mail account.

Method 1- Clear Browser’s Cache on Chrome

  • Open Chrome on the computer
  • Click on the three-dot icon More from the top right corner
  • Go to the More tools and clear browsing data
  • Select a rime range to remove everything and recommendable to choose All Time
  • Next to “Cookies and other site data” and then, “Cached Files and Images” check-boxes and click on Clear Data

Clear Browsing Cache History on Safari

You can remove all records that are saved on Safari to fix the issue immediately. If Safari is there on iCloud preferences and in enable condition then, the browsing history is deleted. Clear the browsing history on Safari doesn’t clear the browsing history to keep the visited website independent.

  • Go to History in the Safari App and Clear History. Then, click on the Pop-up menu and choose if the browsing history is clear

Method 2- Install Browser Update

You easily can get rid of the Sky Yahoo email is not a working issue and for that, you have to make sure to install browser updates. If you are using an old browser kike Chrome or Safari, you might start facing issues while accessing Sky Yahoo Mail. So, it is advisable to install the new updates of Safari and Chrome browsers. You will need to restart the browser and then you are all set.

Enable the JavaScript

You can activate JavaScript on your PC and for that-

  • You have to open Chrome on the PC and click on Settings
  • Click on the Privacy and Security and go to Site Settings
  • There you have to click on JavasCript
  • Enable the Allow button as it is advisable
Method 3- Disable Browser Enhancements

You cannot add extensions when you browse in the Incognito mode or as the guest

  • Open the Chrome web store and choose the extensions which you want
  • Click on Add to Chrome and some extensions will allow you if they need permissions or data. Approve it
  • Make sure if you approve trust extensions trust and then, move ahead with the icon that appears in the right of the address bar
Method 4- Disable Antispyware, Antivirus, and Firewall on Temporary Basis

Well rarely, antivirus, firewall, antispyware programs can block the features or scripts which are vital to some page of Sky yahoo. If you are facing an issue with the exciting features of the products just, disable the security programs to check if they are facing the issue.

  • Go to the official Yahoo Contact Help Number UK page for the prompts to disable the security programs
  • You should disable it if you are having any issues with the page or feature. You will need to disable the security software that is the reason for the issue
  • After that, you will need to re-enable the antispyware, antivirus, and firewall programs

When you are all set then, check if Yahoo Sky Mail is ready to work from another PC or Mobile device. Make sure that you are using a good internet connection and an updated Yahoo Mail app.

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