How To Build Backlink For Ecommerce

STEP 1: Make a list of people who could be influential. (ecommerce business)

Make a list of possible influencers first. I do this by writing down their name, the URL of their primary website or blog, as well as their social media and contact information. (ecommerce business)

I look for them using BuzzSumo, Keyhole, and Google.

BuzzSumo is number one.

If you’re looking for a tool to track influencers, I can’t think of a better option than BuzzSumo.

It is simple to use. Simply type your primary keyword into the search window and select the Amplification tab.

Voila! It will immediately reveal some of your industry’s most powerful influencers.

You can then visit as many influencer websites as you want and enter all of their information into your spreadsheet.

The only drawback is that after the 14-day trial period, you must pay for it. And at $99 a month, the cost is prohibitively expensive for a new blogger. If you’re using it for free, it limits the number of searches you may make. However, it is still an excellent tool for identifying people with whom you may collaborate.

KeyHole (#2)

Unlike BuzzSumo, this service concentrates on tweets about a certain topic. It has the potential to give excellent assistance for BuzzSumo, in my opinion.

It’s also quite simple to use. Simply type in your main term and wait for the results to load.

From here, you may concentrate on the Most Influential area and click on their Twitter accounts to find out more about them, including their websites and contact information.

Google is number three.

If you’re not sure how to use any of the tools listed above, you can always turn to Google.

Simply type in the topic you want to write about, and you’ll get a list of the top-ranking articles, blogposts, and websites.

The owners of these sites are usually influencers who can be targeted.

For example, when I Googled “social media list,” I came upon Social Media Today.

This demonstrates that Social Media Today is a key influencer that I should approach if I want to write an article about a social media list or anything similar.

STEP 2: Take a look at what they’ve written. (ecommerce business)

I normally delve into their most popular material once I’ve located some good influencers in my sector. This time, I’m using BuzzSumo. This time, however, I’m concentrating on content research.

This usually indicates the most popular content shared by the influencer.

Then you may keep track of them in a spreadsheet.

STEP 3: Include them as a primary source in your article. (ecommerce business)

You can now use the influencer as a major resource in your article once you’ve finished the material.

Despite the fact that resources are strong, many bloggers and writers do not use them.

It’s quite straightforward. Simply include a resource box at the conclusion of your article, as I did here.

Write for Influencers (Strategy #2)

Instead of simply asking them to link to you, you might also supply them with some useful information for their website. How do you go about doing that? Of course, you write for them. Some may now argue that guest posting isn’t as effective as it once was. However, if you use it correctly, you can easily obtain some high-quality backlinks for your website.

STEP 1: Find influencers who are willing to accept guest posts.

You can do so by using the following search terms.

“write for us” is a term in the title.

“write for me” is a keyword in the title.

“contribute to” is a keyword in the title.

intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog is a keyword combination.

“Submit a guest post” is a keyword.

inurl:/guest-post/ is a keyword.

“Guest post” is a keyword.

“guest post by” is a keyword.

“accepting guest posts” is a keyword.

“Guest post guidelines” is a keyword.

“Guest author” is a keyword.

“Guest article” is a keyword.

“guest column” is a keyword.

“Become a Contributor” is a keyword.


guest “guest blog” is a keyword in the author’s post. keywordinpostauthor:”guest post” keywordinpostauthor:”guest post” keywordinpostauthor:”guest post

STEP 2: Examine their current content

When you’ve found a website you like, go to BuzzSumo’s Content Research tab to examine its content.

Then make an Excel document. Columns such as the title, URL, article length, comments, and social sharing count should all be included. This way, you can quickly examine the trend of which content are shared the most on a certain social media platform. You will also be given an estimate of how much traffic the item will receive.

You can choose which material you want to improve from here. For instance, you noticed a BuzzSumo post with some LinkedIn tricks or recommendations.

Then you can write an article that is superior to that headline.

“10 LinkedIn Hacks That Will Increase Your Website Traffic,” for example, is a good example.

You could even go all out and write an article titled “50+ LinkedIn Tips from Experts Across the Web.”

The possibilities for titles are infinite.


Email is one of the simplest ways to promote your company. But only if you have an autoresponder can you do so. Mailchimp is one of the tools that has gotten a lot of attention in this field. It has a lot to do with the fact that it is a free account. You don’t have to pay anything to start gathering leads right away. For most ecommerce website owners, this makes it the best option. However, you should be aware that the free option simply allows you to capture leads. A monthly fee will be required to send emails to leads. This might cost as little as $10 per month or as much as $199 per month.


When attempting to gain more links and bring more traffic to your online store, you should also consider social media marketing. You’ll need an automated tool like Buffer for this. Why? It’s because manually promoting social media is just too difficult. Buffer’s best feature is its browser plugin. This allows you to copy and share noteworthy products from your website in real time. Plans range in price from $10 to $399 for agencies.

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