How Long Does Fumigation Pest Control Services Work?

How long does fumigation pest control services work? This is a question I am often asked by my clients and fellow homeowners. Here are some answers for you.

Length Of Time Required


The length of time required to kill termites in one treatment depends on the type of pest to be dealt with, as well as other factors. The type of home you live in will determine this determination. Termites living in wood are typically treated over two weeks. Walls and foundations can be treated longer. Furniture and other fixtures inside the home are generally treated for a year. Rats and mice will usually be fumigated immediately and held for a year or more.

Specific Location


The homeowner must choose a specific location to have the treatment done. The chosen spot should receive continuous monitoring and care until the health of the occupants is restored. The monitoring centre should be located in a place where there are no pests present. This means that a person cannot be continuously visiting the location during fumigation.



The equipment used in the process of fumigation varies according to the type of fumigation to be done. Blower guns produce an aerosol that is released into the home. A small hole or opening is usually left in the wall or ceiling. This opening lets the air through. In addition, heaters or gas lights may be used.

During a fumigation, the heating, cooling, and air conditioning systems of the house are shut off. All fans and air conditioners are turned off. People are advised not to enter the room except for emergency purposes.
The homeowner is expected to remove all personal belongings from the rooms where the fumigation takes place. These include furniture, electronics, clothing, and bedding. Fumigation usually takes about fifteen minutes. Furniture must be removed before the start of fumigation to remove any dust particles that might trigger an air release.

Fumigation Pest Control Services

How much time is needed for this process?


How long does fumigation last when pest control services are performed by a professional company? Generally, up to four hours is needed for the treatment to be complete. After this time, the area must be cleaned thoroughly. It is good to allow a day or so for the dust and residue to be vacuumed away. The homeowner should be sure to empty all garbage bins in the rooms where the fumigation was performed. Vacuuming these areas will help to ensure that no dust or residue is remaining.

In short, fumigation can take as little as fifteen minutes or as long as four hours. Either way, it is a fast and effective process that ensures that pests are removed from a home. The homeowner does not have to worry about making their allergies clear by using chemicals on the home. They can do this themselves with the help of pest control services.

Quick and Painless


As mentioned previously, the entire process of fumigation is quick and painless. The whole process only takes a few moments. Once the spraying is done, the area will be vacuumed completely. The homeowner will then be given instructions on how to get rid of the residue and dust. They will be instructed on how to dispose of the vacuum bags. If they wish to move furniture in the room, this is possible.

Chemical Sprays


There is some fear among some homeowners when it comes to the idea of chemical sprays being used on their homes. While it is true that these chemicals can cause some people to have an allergic reaction, many find that they are not that big of a deal. Many homeowners enjoy the scent that is emitted by the chemicals during a fumigation session. They find it to be a welcomed relief from the constant and overwhelming cologne of pests. Pests are also removed from the home by the strong odour of these chemicals.

One concern that many people have, however, is the fact that these chemicals can leave their pets or even humans ill. While it is true that these chemicals are powerful, they do not affect pets or humans adversely in any way. Instead, there is a chance that these individuals may develop breathing difficulties. They should speak to their pest control technicians about this concern.

How long does fumigation take away your home?


It all depends on the type of insect that is in your home. To find out, you will need to consult with a professional pest control technician. You can also check the Internet for information on this topic. No matter how long you are away from home, you should never forget that you should pay attention to protecting yourself and your family.

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