How Harley Davidson Logo Changed Overtime

Harley Davidson is a name that is not a secret to everyone today especially for bikers. Everyone who rides or is a biker girl would love to own Harley Davidson one day, but how do we afford it for everyone? That’s another topic. But, how many of you are aware of the band’s bizarre logo? What is the background story of its origins? How many times it has been changed since then? It is undisputed it that logos represent the entry point to your brand. A bad logo can strip the brand’s image. If you’re a brand such as Harley Davidson the company cannot be tripping over it.

Let’s discuss this logo of the brand and how it has changed many times over the years.

1) 1910- First Logo

It is clear that the Harley Davidson story is not only an old story and has a significant backstory to the beginning of time, when the company first introduced its first motorcycle in 1903. The surprising thing was that for nearly seven years, the company had no official logo. It was simply a brand offering top-quality bikes. Then, in 1910, the founder of the brand created the logo that was officially adopted, and has a recognizable handbar as well as shield.

The logo was a constant for forty years that’s a lengthy time span, and was used as the primary identity of the company. The brand gradually took an upward direction and was renowned all over the world for its high-end quality and the exhilarating experience it gives to bikers.

2) 1953- V Logo

After nearly four years the company experienced a shift in the preferences of customers and a new generation came on the scene and desired more from the business. The first logo was not able to serve the intended purpose and was the primary determining factor for more than four years. The creative directors were then asked to be more creative and came up with the new logo.

So, in 1953, in celebration of its 50th anniversary, the brand unveiled an entirely new distinctive V design within their brand logo. This “V” in the Harley Davidson logo was made more appealing and detailed for the next generation. Then the brand began to include V on the roundure was affixed to all of their new models. The latest generation of customers embraced the logo and praised the company for the introduction of the V within their brand logo.

3.) 1965- The classic logo

A decade later The brand made the decision to redesign the logo that remained with the brand for a long period of time. The logo of the past, that was introduced in 1965 is the most popular logo of Harley Davidson. But, if you apply your eye at this logo, you’ll find that there isn’t much distinction between the logos of 1910 and 1965.

The shapes and elements of the logo from 1910 were the same as the logo of 1965, however, the sharpness of the edges was minimized and the designers made it more consistent color. The year 1965 was when designers made more room in the logo. Also, the company also let their dealers create a logo specifically for their fleet.

4.) 2003- Bar and Shield logo

The brand is a hundred years old, and it’s time for celebration.. is that not true? Alongside other well-deserved celebration occasions, Harley Davidson went out of the way to celebrate their 100th anniversary by unveiling a shield and bar logo to their brand. The logo clearly demonstrates the two important years as the major mark of the company’s history namely 1903 when the company was established and 2003 as 100 years to the company.

The new logo displayed the classic logo along with the name of the brand on it but it also reduced its prominence on the whole design. The shield and bar logo was expanded horizontally along the wings that were placed beneath the handlebar.

Are you interested in understanding what the meaning of the symbol? The wings represent the sense of freedom and independence one experiences when he or rides a bicycle towards their destination. The wings, along with the shield and bar attracted more people to the brand and they began to associate them with the brand. Like the brand was communicating with them through its logo.

5) 2008 The logo currently in use

The year was when the company was celebrating its 105th anniversary. an impressive amount of time, isn’t it? The brand celebrated by changing their logo tiny amount. There were not any changes made to it. The logo was based on the characteristics of 2003 but changed it’s design to reflect the contemporary world. As the world changed as the tastes of the customers were constantly changing, and so the logo was updated to give it an edgy look. The new logo is attractive to the current generation style that seeks the brand to have a distinct relationship.

In the end, the fundamental characteristics were the same, however the designers came up with an elongated design and encased the other logo elements within the. The shield with the organization’s name was moved nearer to the middle while the wings on each side of the shield curled towards the upper part of the shield rather than the outside.For more check out colourist logo and the write for us UI/UX  design

The logo is comprised of the most famous years for Harley Davidson until now, which include 1903 and 2008 as well as 150 years on top, which is encircled by wings of both sides. The logo continues to be used after having circulated for a full year!

6) 1983- HOG Logo

HOG is the acronym as the Harley Davidson Group, a fan club that is open to all kinds of HD enthusiasts with a variety of international chapters. Although all the logos mentioned above are specifically for Harley Davidson’s official brand however, the HOG logo was developed in 1983 to represent a specific owner group.

The logo features an image of a banner on the lower portion with a bald eagle soaring over a wheel at the middle, and displaying the initials logo of Harley Group (HG) in the middle.

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