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How Food Photography Can Benefit Your Restaurant’s Success

If you run a restaurant, food photography can help drive your success in more ways than one. First, showing off your chef’s creations to potential customers will entice new diners to your establishment. It will also encourage existing guests to come back for another meal. In addition, well-shot photos of your meals can increase visibility on social media networks. Also help spread word-of-mouth advertising among friends and family members.

Find out more about how food photography can benefit your restaurant’s success below!


Competitive advantage

Food photographers can help your business set itself apart from competitors and keep customers coming back for more. Professional images can make your food look appetizing, and high-quality visuals can entice potential customers to come in for a visit.

Whether you want to share your photos online or print them out for brochures, using a food photographer is key to building an identity. Before starting, take some time to plan out your goals and consider how photography could help achieve them. Here are some ideas on how you can get started

Advertising opportunities:


With great food comes great responsibility. If you want your restaurant to really stand out amongst your competition, you’re going to need some amazing photos to complement it. Hire a professional food photographer on board. If that’s not possible for your budget, figure out another way you can get some high-quality pictures. A little extra effort when it comes to marketing and promotion will go a long way toward drumming up business and making sure your restaurant is successful in its first few months of operation.

SEO impact

People prefer to order food from you if it looks as good in real life as it does in a picture online. Even if two billion food photos are taken every year, chances are your customer has already seen a picture of what your dish looks like on Instagram. A study reveals that eating-out customers are three times more likely to order a dish if they see a photo of it online—and 41% of people say they never order dishes without seeing a photo of it. You need to ensure that you have the best quality photos showcasing your menu items so you don’t see low sales and disappointed customers. To get ahead of the trend, you should use software that allows you to upload multiple images, which will let you compare them side by side, and you’ll be able to choose which one works best for you.

Increase conversion rates

Having great food photography is a must-have in today’s marketplace. Photos of your food can either make or break a sale—and without traffic, it doesn’t matter how many sales you make! Make sure customers can see what they get before they order; take high-quality photos of your dishes and upload them to your website to entice patrons and convert browsers into buyers.

Build trust

Consumers now know more about restaurants than ever before, with the proliferation of social media, opinion boards, and access to endless reviews and dining options. Make sure your restaurant stands out with an inviting atmosphere and attention to detail. From Loughborough University in England, it’s found that 85% of people use social media posts like Yelp reviews and photos as the main factor in deciding to visit a restaurant. A good review will give prospective diners more confidence.

Improve customer loyalty

Posting pictures of your food could be an advantageous part of your business. With just one photo, you can inspire loyal customers to keep coming back for more. Those who may even opt to venture out from the usual favorites! For example: take a picture of some signature hamburgers and post them on both your website and Instagram. Then offer a discount or promotion to go along with those burgers- something extra that really shows off how appetizing they are.  

Satisfy your customers

This can help to increase your restaurant’s customer retention rate. If customers are satisfied with their dining experience, they’re more likely to come back in the future. Delighted customers also make for positive online reviews, which can attract potential new clients. As a restaurateur, you know that a positive reputation is crucial for success! Make sure it stays that way by using quality photos to highlight delicious dishes and keep diners coming back.


When you are operating a business in an industry that relies heavily on aesthetics, it makes sense to hire professionals. In photography, these are people who have taken specific courses in food photography.  Even specialize in taking photos of food specifically. These photographers know how to make food appear appetizing without overdoing it. A good example of someone who does this is Rachel Ray’s head photographer, Jason Schmidt.

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