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How Cloud Telephony work? Advantages of Cloud Telephony System.

Cloud-based telephony allows you to store your business. Phone system’s routing and network elements away from your office. This type of phone system uses the cloud to store your data.

According to a report by Transparency Market Research, the global market for cloud telephony services is expected to grow. Cloud telephony services offer multiple benefits.

How does cloud telephony work? Cloud telephony uses your broadband connection. 

Cloud telephony allows you to migrate your business telephone systems to the cloud. This guide will help you learn everything about cloud telephony. Assist you in selecting the right cloud telephony provider.

Your cloud-based system will be hosted in a data center and not in your home. All calls will be routed to cloud servers. Cloud telephony is a great alternative to traditional systems. It offers impressive features. Like: call recording and IVR services. Etc. Equipment can be purchased without spending extra money.

Cloud Telephony Solutions: The Advantages

Global Telecom’s Broadcast Survey estimates. The cloud telephony market will grow by nearly 6 to 41% in India over the next five years.

The cloud telephony system has many features. It is easy to see why. These are just a few of the cloud telephony benefits.

Combine Multiple Communications Services

Traditional PBX phones offer voice services. Cloud telephony offers more features. Like: instant messaging, voice calling, and mobility.

No Hardware Requirement

Third-party service providers manage cloud communications. It can access via the Internet or dedicated network connections. Core factors, a well-respected cloud telephony provider, offer a subscription-based pay-as-you-go service.

Work Seamlessly

Integrating multiple communication and collaboration services across fixed. Mobile phones will create a seamless experience for customers and employees.

Go Mobile

Employees can be more productive. They have access to all the information and tools they need, anywhere and anytime.

Multi-level IVR Services

Cloud telephony and IVRS software can greet your callers with a meaningful greeting and leave a lasting impression. It can use to distribute calls according to the caller’s choice.

Call Recording

Keep a record of all calls. These recordings can be used for quality control, training purposes, dispute resolution or training.

Detailed reports

You can get detailed reports to help you analyze your agents’ performance and achievements. All the statistics such as call duration, agent call report, and call held are available.


Core factors are one of the top cloud telephony service providers. They offer a fully resilient infrastructure and multiple carriers for voice breakout. It allows your employees to operate on the same device as before without customers knowing.


Businesses need to be more efficient, agile, and fast to compete with ever-increasing competitors. Cloud telephony allows you to add and remove users as needed. You only pay what you use. Watch our webinar on how To Scale Your Business to learn how small businesses can scale with CRM.

Summing it up

India has many cloud telephony service providers. Many cloud telephony services providers in India. They all offer the same functionality, flexibility, management complexity, and resilience. Find the right solutions for your business.

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