How can you earn extra money as a dancer and be financially stable?

As a dancer, you may feel strapped for money. It is not hidden that dancers may face financial constraints because of their profession. There can be lesser jobs for dancers, and the competition is fierce. You may not be able to crack your dance job interview every time.

It can be difficult to leave your passion and work for something else. You can find out various ways to earn money as a dancer and pursue your passion as well. You may have to work in or jobs to make your ends meet.

Instead of doing or jobs, you can earn money in your dancing profession and be content at the end of the day.

Make money the dancing way

These days technology is everywhere and has helped many people to earn money. As an answer, you can also make use of technology and balance your finances.

Along with following your passion, you can use technology in your life and learn to generate money. To earn, you have to go out of your comfort zone.

Once you know the technique, you can work on it and your skills. Many dancers in Ireland usually fall out of money and borrow instant loans.

This makes them stuck in debt, and they are unable to get out of it. Do not fall into a debt trap and instead make money out of your passion.

Tips for dancers to earn money

Write Dance Articles

If you are passionate about dancing, you can start writing about it. Many new publications are looking for budding writers.

Also, dancing is a new field to write about. You can pursue your passion for dancing and also make people aware of you. Pitch in some new articles to your favourite dance magazines and blogs.

Writing dance blogs can be a unique idea to follow. If you can manage writing about dance, it is a good opportunity to earn money. You can charge a good amount for your articles and make people aware of dance simultaneously.

Once your articles start getting published in magazines, you can look out for their platforms. To start with, you can share your samples with me, his magazines and editors. Getting a good response may take time but do not lose hope and make money out of your passion.

Perform and Choreograph at various Special Events

Many events may happen around you. You can perform as an answer in those events and earn money. Look out for various corporations that may have their events on a regular basis.

You can perform in these corporate events and tie up with them for future events. Also, you can look out for ways entertainment booking sites that promote such services. Many clients are looking out for dancers to perform at their events.

Tie up with them and proceed to mutual benefit. You have to complete your profile online in order to get into the eyes of the entertainment websites. You can look out for various opportunities to showcase your dancing skills on the right platform.

Teach Privates Lessons or Classes

If it has been a while that you are dancing, you can conduct private classes. You can conduct teaching lessons for people of different age groups. This is an efficient way to enhance your skills and also make people learn.

You can be innovative in your approach and Lookout for various students who are willing to learn dance. For this, you need a dedicated space. You can hire an office space or space that suits your dancing classes.

Also, you can partner with the company or any organization and take classes for them. Dance classes can also be converted into fitness classes during the lunch breaks. If you are in Ireland, you can borrow loans for bad credit in order to start your own classes.

 Sell Your Own Merchandise Online

A dancer needs many things as props such as their dancing clothes, accessories, what a bottle. If you are into fashion also, you can design your merchandise and sell them online. Online platforms are a good way to interact with customers directly.

If you have got your merchandise printed, you can sell them to people looking out for dance accessories. Also, there are many websites that you can contact and sell your products.

There is another idea of carrying inventory. Look out for various dropshipping ideas and on profits out of it.


To earn money out of your passion needs perseverance and dedication. Be innovative and do not lose hope. Be consistent in your approach and keep on following your dreams.

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