Hotel Promotion During Festival

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Holidays and festivals are one of the best times to apply those genius hotel promotion ideas. The right festival promotion ideas allow you to give your hotel marketing the much-needed boost. When planning hotel promotion during festival, during any season; you need to have the right hotel accessories to match those festivities and be ready for the guest influx. Such as when brainstorming summer promotion ideas for hotel, you have to stock up on the best pool towels in USA. Everything needs to come together; and target towards convincing your guests that this is the place to be when travelling to make the most of the festivities.

What is Hotel Promotion During Festival?

There are many hotel promotion ideas that pop in your mind when thinking of ways to increase business. But festivals and holiday seasons are ready-made opportunities to make the right use of. Festival promotion for hotels means letting your customers know you are out there and are ready to celebrate with them in every way.

There are different hotel promotion ideas that you can put to use and witness a business influx. All you have to be is smart with your promotions.

Smart Hotel Promotion Ideas!

  1. Whether you are thinking of summer promotion ideas for hotels or winter; you have to take into account the festivals happening around that time.
  2. Advertise everywhere online from your social media to your website; make sure you make use of all the marketing mediums out there.
  3. Send out emails for your guests; targeted festival promotion helps you reach out to guests who have a higher chance of making bookings with you.
  4. Special discounts are always a part of your hotel promotion ideas; give your customers something more to celebrate than just the festival.
  5. Carefully crafted packages and deals are great way to upsell different services and products if you don’t want to opt for the discount offer.
  6. You can also focus on pre-booking offers; give your guests the advantage to book before the space runs out and make the most of their festivities.
  7. Partner with your local businesses and become a part of their festival promotion and reach out to new potential guests.
  8. One of the most common hotel promotion idea would be analyze your hotel history; guest booking habits do have a direct impact on your marketing strategies.

Which Festivals to Target?

You have to be smart about which festival you do plan on celebrating and plan the promotions for. Not every observance, day, or even festival requires you to plan something big. You have to take demographics and guest habits into account. When working on summer promotion ideas for hotels you can focus on summer holidays where families are traveling or a local festival that everyone celebrate. For winter promotions you have Christmas and New Year.

So, pick the right festivals to celebrate and plan your hotel promotion during festival season; with the complete understanding of what you offer and how it will impact your sales in the long run.

What are the best hotel promotion ideas for the most effective hotel promotion during festival season according to you? Let us know in the comments below.


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