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Home Interior Designs Ideas To Maximize Space In A Small Home

When you live in a small house or like a condo unit, it can be hard to think about how to make your small space feel bigger, and you might think that fitting all your stuff is tricky and definitely do not wish to live in a cluttered space. Thus, designing a small home does require more thought and taking a little know-how about interior designs, and finding the right solution to maximize the space. But that makes you explore the potential of tiny homes and bring out the best of your interior designs dreams. 

To help you with the ideas, here are the best home interior designs for your small home. 

#1. Incorporate Good Lighting

Home Interior Desings

Expertly placed lighting can transform the room in shapes and sizes. It will help brighten up your small space if there are nonexistent or small windows. Ensure to install good lighting in smaller areas, like a bathroom or kitchen with a tiny window to make up for the lack of natural lights and make it cozy and have a bright atmosphere.

 It could also help a small space appear more spacious if you paint the walls in neutral, light, or pastel colors and have extra lighting reflecting off the walls. 

#2. Free up Floor Space

To make your area feels bigger, free up the floor space by trying floating furniture pieces, such as wall-mounted shelves, floating nightstands, side tables, or desk, and a floating vanity for your bathroom. This will keep the ground clear of obstacles, and you can maximize the space for extra storage beneath if needed. 

You can also use the open wall space in your kitchen to store your kitchenware and save counter space. 

#3. Use Fold Out and Extendable Furniture

Consider having folding tables that can also be extendable, which provides much-needed flexibility in your small home. You can have a drop-leaf table if you want to save space when the table is not in use. It is typically used as dining tables, nightstands, side tables, coffee tables, and desks. You could also install a folding table that mounts on the wall, which is very efficient for any small space. You could just fold it away and enjoy a more spacious area. 

If you want extra seating for your guest, but you want to save space while they are not over, then opt for a folding stool that can also add design to your living room. 

#4. Add a Mezzanine Floor

You can maximize the function of the space in your home by adding an intermediate floor or creating a split-level room. It is an efficient way to optimize your area while creating a distinct separation between two spaces. You can make it as another room above and make it your bedroom, office, or storage area. 

#5. Use of Transparent Furniture

Home Interior Designs

 Use reflective or transparent furniture like a glass coffee table to give your space a broader visual effect and airiness because you can see through the floor. 

You can also choose furniture with exposed legs to add more visual space. It will make the room feel more spacious rather than big bulky pieces. 

#6. Have Storage Beds

Making the most limited space in your tiny home is to have a storage bed. It is an efficient way to utilize space because it makes good use of the empty space under your mattress. It is well-suited for clothes, toys, and other stuff in your bedrooms. 

You can also have a storage chair box that adds function and style to your space and is quite versatile, meaning you can use them in different ways. 

#7. Add a Mirror

Home Interior Designs

Mirrors can help you make your space feel larger, giving the illusion of a few more square feet. It will also brighten up your room if you do not have access to natural lights. 


Which of the interior designs ideas above did you think was the most effective for a small home?

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