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Five rare and little-known storage tips

Five rare and little-known storage tips

You like your bedroom, living room, kitchen and in general your whole house to be tidy. You probably spend a lot of time taking care of it. But sometimes despite the time and energy, you invest in it. It is impossible to achieve the desired result. This could be because you have too much stuff, but also because you potentially don’t know the right storage tips. To help you a little in your daily life, discover five  rare and little-known storage tips

1- Use the ceiling

To save space on your worktops, you can use the ceiling as storage. Some bloggers, therefore, came up with the ingenious idea of ​​using “mason jars” and hanging them from the ceiling. Not only will this save you space, but it is also a very nice decorative element. So if you run out of space in your kitchen, you can opt for that and hang your mason jar.

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2- Save space in your dressing room

To save space in your dressing room, instead of hanging the hangers next to each other as is traditionally done, you can hang all your hangers-on a large chain, one below the other with or without spacing a few. Holes every time. This will allow you to use your dressing room in length and width.

Storing spices can be very complicated because you often have a lot of them, and they can take up a lot of space in a cupboard, but it’s still not practical. They are often hidden, and you forget you have so many and find yourself using only the few you use every day. To remedy this solution, there are magnetic jars that you can stick to your fridge and act as jars for your spices. Not only will you have a nice panorama of colors which makes a nice decoration, but you can also see them all and therefore use them.

3- Put your scarf in the closet

Instead of rolling your scarves into a ball and putting them in a drawer or even folding them and putting them in one place, a good idea is to hang them on a hanger. All you have to do is buy rings, put them on the hanger and place a scarf in each ring. This allows you not to requisition a closet just for scarves, it is easier to store and it also allows you to have better visibility of the scarves you have available.

4- Display your stoves

To save space in the kitchen cupboards and also make an original and quite nice decoration, you can hang your stoves on the wall. This not only allows you to decorate and make space but it also allows you to better conserve your stoves which will never end up on top of each other and therefore will have no risk of being scraped as stoves often are when. they are packed in a cupboard.

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but it also allows you to better conserve your stoves which will never end up on top of each other. To help you a little in your daily life.

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