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Fine Dining Experience In Mussoorie Restaurants Mellow Your Senses

The “Queen of Hills” Mussoorie is having the best natural sights that are cherished for a lifetime. You cannot skip the panoramic views of mountains and various hill stations of Uttarakhand with luxurious amenities and world-class facilities. Hence, you may find an exceptional dining experience with superior surroundings.

Mussoorie restaurants will provide a homely experience with fine food and extra comfort. Many restaurants are offering customized meals with the services you want while visiting for a long time. If you are yet to decide which restaurant you should go to, then this list would be a handful for you.

Some Best Restaurants In Mussoorie:

Are you searching for the best restaurant in Mussoorie? Mussoorie will offer perfect fame of celebration with some unforgettable memories for visitors. Check out these below-mentioned restaurants with old charm and luxurious feeling. You would not miss your home as you will find all facilities and comfort with cheerful moments. Now you can search among the budget-friendly restaurants within the Mussoorie holiday packages.

Find out these luxurious restaurants to make your evening in Mussoorie. 

1. Trout House Bar & Grill: 

Experience the best food in Mussoorie with the fanciest restaurant. If you are yet to taste the crispy bites and cocktail sip, you are welcome at Trout House. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view with fresh air. 

It is the top restaurant here with the best services at Kempty Fall Road in Uttarakhand. You may enjoy Bar, Grill, and Indian cuisine at a favorable cost. The tastiest grilled items are still waiting to fill your mouth. 

2. JW Café: 

Who can miss the cafeterias in Mussoorie with soulful nature? You may not find such relaxing moments with morning tea and breakfast items. It is an open kitchen with separate arrangements for JW Marriott. 

One of the best Mussoorie places to eat to enjoy your day after hectic work culture. JW Café is the very ideal place to cherish the charm and fill your day with lots of happiness. You will get Indian, Continental, and American food with many varieties. You must not miss the morning fruit juices here to start with real-time refreshment.  

3. Writer’s Bar: 

Spend your evening in relaxed mode by having pleasant surroundings at Writer’s bar. It is the best hyped visiting place in Mussoorie. People would hardly miss coming here when they are on a long tour. 

Here you can feel luxurious touch with old charm as well. This space cannot be forgotten with the perfect atmosphere and relaxing evening. 

It is located at Spring Road in Mussoorie. It has favorite finger foods and top beverages for your friends. You may get a fine dining experience within INR 1500 for a couple. If you are fantasizing about top-class cocktails, you should visit here. 

4. Regency Restaurant: 

Here you may hide with classic experience. It is a luxurious restaurant with the best interior experience. You may enjoy the mighty Himalayan views with the best-framed stain glasses. 

It is situated in Barlow Ganj near Mussoorie. You must try famous food in Mussooriewith air-conditioned rooms here. You will the best Indian cuisine here without a doubt. 

5. Wisteria Deck: 

If you are keen to settle down in the open café deck to enjoy the surrounding view of the Himalayas, the Wisteria terrace is perfect for you & your family. This place is a favorite among the children as well with delicious cheese-less pizza. 

You will get Italian mouth-watering dishes with a variety of platters. This café is situated in JW Marriott in Mussoorie. Here you will get customized pizza and other platters.

6. Urban Turban Bistro: 

It is a famous double-storeyed Punjabi restaurant. Here you will find various foods with any flavor. It is a famous Indian restaurant to stimulate our taste buds and update our visiting experiences in Mussoorie. No matter whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, this restaurant offers you the best service with other benefits. 

On the first floor, you may dance to music while on the other floor, you may spend some relaxed moments with your partner. It is nearby Landour Bazar Road in Mussoorie. Apart from Indian, Chinese, Asian, and Contemporary dishes, you may pass your moments with refreshing cocktails. 

7. Tavern Restaurant: 

With natural music, this restaurant is well ahead of others. Here you may enjoy your dinner platter with a group of people. Your friends or colleagues will love such a place where you may order anything starting from Indian, Chinese dishes to Italian, Thai, and Continental cuisine. 

Various desserts are served for free with your meal package. It is based on Indian taste nearby Mall Road. You may order anything that would fulfill your taste. You will hardly miss this place as far as your tastebuds are concerned. 

8. Kalsang: 

Apart from all glams in Mussoorie, there is a place to serve you authentic Tibetan food. Here you will find a typical cost-effective meal within your budget with the great vibes of Himalayan ranges. 

The food is cost-effective with INR 1000 for a couple. You are free to select any Thai, Chinese, Tibetan cuisines. Moreover, you are cheered to choose some contemporary dishes as well. You will find this place on the top of Mall Road. 

9. Rokeby Manor: 

Some places are having hidden and beautiful inner charm unless visited once. This place has the same vintage look with rustic and old surroundings. 

It was built way back in 1840. Still, it has the same charm with great surroundings at the top of the hill. It is famous for its exceptional North Indian cuisines. It is budget-friendly with suitable Indian food items. 

10. Doma’s Inn: 

This restaurant has royal look with some of the best Bollywood posters. It is in Landour with some gifted relaxation over silence. This place is famous for its variable Tibetan dishes to raise the craving. 

If you feel tired and still want to get the best service in Mussoorie with some means of entertainment, you should come here without any thought. It looks like a club or bar where you can pass your night with friends. Moreover, some delicious Tibetan cuisines and Momo are waiting for you. It is the best restaurant for its economic arrangements with such facilities. 

Hence, you got the idea about the delicious taste and dining in Mussoorie with such customized restaurants. There are more if you can browse and afford as per your budget. Mainly, you are here to explore things to the best of your knowledge.
It is better to find hotels as per your expectation of Travel Agents in Mussoorie. They are experienced people to guide you in every cons. You may reside here for some days with beautiful memories.


Do not miss such experiences otherwise your visit to Mussoorie would be in Vain. Even you come here, again and again, every time you will gain some unique memories within you and your people. If you are a foodie, you should make a moment with some unique clicks with Italian & Indian dishes. You will enjoy both serenity and taste near the mountains. We should proceed with such experiences whenever we get time in winter or summer vacation. This place is however the best for cold winter when Christmas takes place.

If you wish to gather more information about Mussoorie and its food culture, you may search some FAQs on the net. There you will find the best bowl for yours. You may purchase anything if visit here. Get some specialties with unique traveling experiences as well. Get into a safe and hassle-free visit in Mussoorie with your friends.
If you are still having any questions or doubts, you may directly post your concerns in internet reviews or portals. Hope you will get your best time here.

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