Encountering QuickBooks Connection has been Lost? Try This

There is an array of errors that QB users have to encounter regularly and involuntarily. “QuickBooks Connection has been Lost” is one of them. This issue strikes the device when the company file does not fall the under the QB connectivity radar. As a result, the user loses access to the data file after this message flashes on their screen, “The connection to the company file has been lost. QuickBooks must close immediately. Any unsaved data will need to be re-entered.” All the users who have been a victim of this error must definitely go through the below blog to find some interesting yet helpful facts.

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Why Does QuickBooks keep Losing Connection?

  1. Insufficient permission access to the QuickBooks file folder.
  2. A block imposed from the firewall or anti-virus program’s end.
  3. The presence of a damaged company data file could also lead to the lost connection.
  4. If the QuickBooks services are not running actively on the device or stop suddenly.
  5. A disconnection between the data file and QB due to weak internet service.

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How to Overcome QuickBooks Network Connection Failure?

This section focuses on explaining some valuable tips to help you get rid of

Method 1 –Switch the Location of the QB Data File

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop and press the F2 button on your keyboard to bring up the Product Information window.
  2. Locate your company file location in this box and copy it.
  3. Go to the Windows icon and paste the location in the search panel of the Start menu.
  4. When directed to a new folder, find your company file (company file name.qbw).
  5. Right-click on the QB file and select Copy.
  6. Move to your desktop home screen and create a new folder. Name it as QBTest.
  7. Open the folder and paste your company file.
  8. Access QBDT while holding the Ctrl key; this brings up the No Company Open window.
  9. Select “Open or Restore an Existing Company File” and then “Open a Company File.” Hit Next.
  10. While you browse for your file, choose the one that you pasted in QBTest. The error should exist anymore.

Method 2 – Choose to Run the QB File Doctor Tool from QB Tool Hub

  1. Download the most recent update available for QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. Complete its installation process by clicking twice on the installation file.
  3. Open the Tool Hub on your screen and hit the Company File Issues button.
  4. Here, choose QuickBooks File Doctor.
  5. Select your data file, press the “Check your File” tab and then Continue.
  6. Use your Admin credentials to confirm the action and click Next.
  7. Once this is over, access QBDT along with your data file.

So, this blog was all about the “QuickBooks Connection has been Lost” error. We hope that the causes and troubleshooting methods mentioned previously proved to be helpful to you in eliminating the issue once and for all. If you continue to struggle with the problem, we recommend you connect with our experts at +1 800-579-9430 for swift assistance.

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