Efficient Tractor Ploughs In India For Better Farming

A tractor plough is one of the most necessary farm implements for a farmer. Its utilized in land preparation, tillage and improving soil fertility. The purpose of a plough is to break soil clods and bring up the nutrients in the upper soil for the land’s nourishment. However, numerous brands offer unique tractor ploughs with convenient features at a reasonable price range, like Sonalika, Lemken, Farmking and others.

Plough is used for preparing the soil before sowing the seed. It is used for primary tillage. Plough removes the residual of previously grown crops, and it helps in weed control. It also keeps the soil fresh for creating seedbeds. Plough is utilised to save time and labour, which results in higher productivity. The below-mentioned ploughs are some of the most trusted models among farmers .In the age of modern technology, the farming industry requires best-in-class farm machinery, and the plough is one such machine. 

This Hydraulic Reversible Plough is an effective tool for achieving suitable tilth soil. It comes under the category of tillage. Moreover, it has many attractive features such as efficient implement power and less fuel consumption. As the name suggests, it is a reversible plough for better convenience. Its easily attached to any powerful tractor to work effortlessly.

Below are the two popular ploughs with their specifications and price.

Sonalika 2 BOTTOM Tractor Plough

This amazing disc plough is a great choice for high-yield and low-cost farming. The Sonalika 2 BOTTOM is a one-time investment for your field as it fulfils brilliant farming tasks. It has 50 to 55 HP implement power. This comes with a seamless tubular frame and spindle axle. it has 2 plain discs of 660 mm diameter. And for better convenience, the disc spacing is 570 mm with 2 bearing hubs. Apart from this, the price of Sonalika 2 BOTTOM is nominal and available on Tractor Junction. The Pagro Hydraulic Reversible Plough is available at Tractor Junction at an affordable price. This implement is listed at Tractor Junction at a suitable price. Sonalika has been a leading name for agricultural products for a long time. And this model is one of the top-selling plough in India.

Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB 

It is an excellent tractor plough which can help the farmer brothers with efficient tillage tasks. This plough can make 2 furrows at one time, allowing for farming at a better pace. Also, the working width of this Lemken plough is 21 to 29 inches. It comes under the category of tillage Moreover, the HP required to operate this implement in light & medium soil is 40 to 45 HP, and for hard soil, the HP is 42 to 47 HP. Along with these features, this plough price is affordable according to the Indian economy and is listed on Tractor Junction. And the Lemken plough price is also reasonable for farmers.

Lemken OPAL 080 E 2MB is a brilliant tool for ploughing tasks, and it comes under the category of tillage. It has 45 HP implement power for carrying out farming activities in the most adverse conditions. This implement is best suited for creating seedbeds, and it can make 2 furrows at one time, which results in increased production.

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