Do we get a warranty for a refurbished phones?


The market for refurbished phones is growing steadily. The advent of 5G-enabled smartphones also fueled this trend. They are expensive; so many people opt for a refurbished 5G phone, which is less expensive. Besides the original manufacturers, other companies also offer refurbished phones. However, their quality varies, and so do the terms of sale. In this article, we find out whether or not we get a warranty for refurbished phones or not? Let’s start.

Refurbished meaning explained:

A refurbished phone is very much in demand, but many people still do not know the actual meaning of a refurbished phone. Simply put, a refurbished phone is a pre-owned and used device that the owner returned to the original manufacturer or seller due to some manufacturing fault. The manufacturer inspects the phone, identifies the fault, removes it, and resells it.

Sometimes a “new” phone is also sold as refurbished. It gets back to the manufacturer because the buyer has a “change of heart” Usually, such returns happen during the warranty time.

Do we get a warranty for a refurbished phone?

Now we come to our main topic: to find out if every refurbished phone comes with a warranty or not. The answer to this question lies in which company is refurbishing the phone. Original manufacturers almost always provide a warranty on their offerings after refurbishing them. That is why Apple refurbished iPhones, and Samsung refurbished phones are in great demand and are sold in no time.

As for other companies selling refurbished phones, they may or may not offer a warranty. But, a company that cares for its reputation and wants to remain in business for long and retain customers will provide a warranty on its refurbished phones. It is common sense that only a company that is confident of its quality and trusts its refurbishment process would provide a warranty. We hope this answers your question.

Precautions while buying a refurbished phone

Buying a refurbished phone can be risky if you are not buying it from the original manufacturer. When buying from a third party, besides warranty, be mindful of the following before closing the deal.

Return policy:

Like their brand new counterparts, refurbished phones also carry a return policy. If the seller does not offer a return policy or offers one half-heartedly and hesitantly, then do not buy from it. Just like a warranty, only those sellers will offer return policies that are super confident of the performance and quality of their offerings. Remember, a return policy implies good company and good quality.

Non-genuine phones:

There is always this risk that the refurbished phones are fake and not of genuine quality. Because the product is not brand new and you are not buying from the original manufacturer, there is always this risk of getting conned and buying a counterfeit device. So, be careful about it, and if you are unsure about anything, seek help from an expert or a friend before committing to the purchase.

Stolen phones:

It is another risk when buying a pre-owned device; it could also be stolen. Many pilfered mobile phones end up sold as refurbished phones without the buyer knowing about them. Checking the IMEI number before would help identify its true status.

Look out for network locks:

Sometimes a refurbished phone is network-locked, but the seller does not disclose this fact. If the buyer buys it unaware of the phone’s locked status, he will feel cheated later. It is easy to find out if a phone is network locked or not. Just pop in SIMs from different service providers; if they all work fine, then the phone is free from any network locks.

Always buy from a dependable source:

To avoid inconvenience anytime later, it is advisable to buy from a trustworthy company that enjoys an excellent reputation in the market and provides a warranty, returns policy, and other such benefits to its customers. You can get to know a company by doing online research about it. The clients’ reviews and testimonials would tell you everything about it. And, you will get a fair idea about it and hence shop confidently from it.

Wise Market in Australia is one such company that is not only reliable but puts its customers above everything else. It is an online platform that sells refurbished phones of every ilk and type. You get a 13-months warranty, a 21-day money-back guarantee, unbeatable price, free shipment, and 24/7 after-sale customer support. You can never go wrong when you shop at Wise Market.


There you have it, our take on whether every refurbished phone offers a warranty and what you should be careful about while buying one. We hope you will find this article informative, useful, and helpful. Refurbished phones are here to stay, and their penetration will increase in the market, so it would be best if you get to know how to purchase them wisely.

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