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Desert Safari in Dubai: A Journey to a Different Era:

We all know that Dubai never fails to provide an excellent experience to every visitor. Too many people visit Dubai just because of the cultural and modern attractions. But the main thing is that Dubai city is more than that, it is worth spending money. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai, don’t forget to visit the Arabian desert. With the help of desert safari Dubai, you can perform various activities. However, do you know what desert safari is? This article will tell you everything about the desert safari Dubai.


What is the desert safari Dubai?


The desert safari will take you to the Desert Safari Dubai landscape of Dubai. Here you will find the view of vast Arabian desert sand. The Dubai desert safari experience is filled with beauty and different activities. However, the various tour companies will provide desert safari packages. The pick and drop service is included in these packages and other thrilling activities that you can perform.


All the attractions and experiences of the desert safari Dubai:


As we already mentioned, you will find too many activities that you can perform here. With the help of these activities, you can experience the most fantastic time of your life. All the activities are adventurous and unique, and you can perform all the activities. However, the activities you can perform in Dubai desert safari include:


Dune Bashing: 


The most exciting and thrilling activity of the desert safari is dune bashing. It is the first activity you can perform and enjoy in the Arabian desert. However, this super activity contains a fantastic drive on the empty sands around the red dunes. You can experience this activity with the help of a 4×4 vehicle. But if you have any heart problems or are pregnant, you should avoid this activity.


Sunrise and sunset desert views:


The next amazing thing that you can experience is the sunrise and sunset view. It depends on you which view you want to experience. You can see both these views in different desert safari. The sunrise is present in the morning desert safari, and sunset is in the evening desert safari. But if you are a photography lover, then you should experience both.


Camel ride:


The next activity is the camel ride. This ride allows you to experience the early Emiratis life experience. People travel on the camel in ancient times, and you can experience this thing with the help of a camel ride. Other than this, it also provides you with the opportunity to explore the Arabian desert. Along with that, professional photographers are also present to take pictures.


Quad biking and sand boarding: 


The other amazing activities are quad biking and the sand boarding. If we talk about quad biking, then you can drive a four-wheel vehicle on the sand. The professional drivers will provide you with a guide on driving a quad bike. Other than this, you can also experience buggy drive.


However, the sandboarding activity looks like snowboarding. But it is different, in this activity you have to slip down through the red dunes with a special board. Both these activities are unique and thrilling.


Cultural activities: 


Desert safari Dubai is not only the name of thrilling activities. Here you can also experience the cultural activities. These include the henna painting, shisha smoking and also falconry. You can hold the falcons and take some fantastic pictures. Besides this, you also can wear Arabian traditional clothes to experience the lifestyle.


BBQ dinner:


This activity is included in the evening desert safari. But also depends on the tour company that you hire for the tour. In this dinner, you will experience both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Trust us; this dinner is more delicious than the other worldwide foods.


Traditional shows:


After performing all the thrilling activities, you can experience the traditional shows. These live entertainment shows include the Belly dance performance, first shows and Tanura performance. Professionals perform all these shows, and you will enjoy these shows with Arabian music.


How to select the desert safari tour company?


Selecting the best tour company for the Dubai Desert Safari is essential thing. You can hire a tour company online. The first thing you have to do is check two or more companies’ details, prices, and packages. After this, compare all the details with each other. After comparing everything, select the desert safari tour company that suits you.


But remember one thing that always selects the well-known and famous company. If you choose the renowned company, you will get discounts and other incredible deals. Also, you don’t have to worry about safety if you select the well-known desert safari Dubai tour company.


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