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Create while keeping joy thanks

Create while keeping joy thanks to the game of chess

The results of studies on the impact of chess on children’s development are spectacular. In particular, Michel Noir has shown in his thesis (Lyon, 2002) that children who have followed chess lessons for two years. Have improved their concentration by 50%, their logic by 22%, and their memory by 32 %. This deserves an explanation! Create while keeping joy thanks to the game of chess.

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You can work on concentration

And chess drills are great for that. When you solve one, you put yourself in the same condition as in many other situations that require concentration: taking an exam, doing your work in the office, or even thinking about how to fix a leak. water at home! We are alone in the face of the problem that we must solve and we must do everything possible to be successful.

In addition to improving children’s concentration

The intensity that one puts into solving a chess problem is even much greater than. Which is put into similar situations in everyday life and the skills that you will learn thanks to solving exercises, you will be able to transfer them and use them in other situations.

It can also be useful to remember two figures: the duration of concentration of a young man in front of his screen is only 45 seconds, while he spends an average of 5 to 7 hours a day. In addition to improving children’s concentration. The game of chess allows them to be eliminated from the screens, which is not negligible!


Memory One of the founding fathers of cognitive psychology, Alfred Binet, once wondered. When he saw chess players playing blindly how they could retain all the information necessary to complete their game. Are they smarter than the average person? Of course not! It turned out after extensive study (1894) that his memory is simply better organized.

They can store information more intelligently, allowing them to find and use it more easily. So get into good chess habits! The logic Why does the game of chess improve logic? Because a chess problem is approached like a math problem: you have to analyze. The data and structure your thinking to develop an action plan.


“Observation – analysis – hypothesis – verification – planning – probability and calculation of the variants – analysis of the consequences – the entire methodological chain is present in this game”.

The logic

Our training program We take into account our own experience as chess players, youth chess coaches, and finally parents, to build a training program alternating short videos and carefully edited worksheets. The game of chess is not just about chess knowledge. Knowing how to concentrate, managing time, knowing how to make decisions, or having a good memory are some of the weapons of a good chess player.

That is why we combine chess knowledge with explanations and exercises to develop these skills in our following training programs. You will also find many small games to teach children to play on the blog associated with the site on the parent-child page.

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