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Cleaning Tips For Post-Construction/Renovation

Post-construction cleaning is a cleaning service provided to new or renovated buildings. The term “post-construction” implies that this cleaning is done after the construction phase… The walls are clean and free of marks, dirt, and smudges. Power washing and cleaning of windows and frames.

1. Before beginning work, use a drop cloth.

Suppose you do not protect your floors and surfaces before beginning your project. In that case, post-renovation cleaning can be a time-consuming and challenging task. You can save your work area from construction materials and debris by laying down a drop cloth. Newspapers rip easily and do not absorb spills well, so using a drop cloth will ensure that your floors are adequately protected. In addition, any furniture in the area should be covered or removed. If they become accidentally covered in dust or construction materials, it can be costly to repair.

2. Windows should be open.

Remember that fumes from chemicals and dust from sanding and building end up accumulating in the air, which is a tremendous post-construction cleaning tip. This is the reason why adequate ventilation is so important. The best way to remove these particles and odors from your workspace or home is to open all windows and doors. This creates an airflow through the area, which moves dust out, reduces harsh odors from cleaning products and chemicals, and speeds up the drying time of any paint or polishes.

3. Sweep.

The following step is to sweep. Contrary to popular belief, cleaning the floors and dusting afterward is more effective. Many people believe that they should be brushing first to ensure that everything is on the floor before sweeping. On the other hand, Sweeping causes dust particles to spread into the air, meaning that the dust you cleared from the table or counter is now back on the surface. Sweep first to minimize extra dust clouds and avoid going back and forth with dusting and sweeping.

4. Allow the Dust to settle.

Put your feet up and relax after you’ve swept the floors. Allowing the dust particles to settle will enable them to land on any surfaces you will be dusting next, and you will get the dust out of the air when you resume working. Move on to the next room for sweeping if you have other rooms that need sweeping and dusting.

5. All surfaces should be dusted.

There will be dust and wood particles in all places after a construction project. Not only will dusting make the space appear professional after your project, but it will also ensure that no dust or material particles remain on surfaces that your family will be using. A microfibre towel is the best tool for the job. Unlike old rags, Microfibre cloths cling to dirt and effectively wipe it away. There are some areas to consider when dusting between places like blinds, window ledges, door frame tops, shelving units, cupboards, tabletops, and other surfaces. To ensure that every surface is covered, start in one corner of the room near the exit or doorway and work your way around the room until you reach the same portal on the other side.

6. Everything should be vacuumed.

The next step is to vacuum to remove dust and debris from the carpets, mats, and nooks. Slowly sweep the vacuum cleaner over the surfaces you’re cleaning. This ensures that you collect all of the dust and dirt in the area.

7. Examine the Air Vents.

The air vent is an area that is frequently overlooked after a renovation. These vents attract dust and will continue to circulate throughout your home if they are caked with it. Vacuuming inside your ducts and cleaning the outside grills will keep your air conditioner or heater from becoming clogged. It will also keep dust from recirculating back into your room after it has been cleaned.

8. Keep the windows clean.

You can accomplish this with a product like Windex and a paper towel. If you prefer natural options, organic window cleaning products are also available.

You want to clean the windows until no handprints or streaks are visible. Without cleaning the windows, no post-construction cleaning checklist is complete.

9. Clean the mirrors.

If a mirror is dirty, it is very noticeable. This is due to the frequency with which they are inspected. As a result, make sure to wipe down the mirrors to remove any streaks or dirty spots.

10. Wash the windowsills.

Windowsills, like countertops, can accumulate a lot of dust and debris.

To properly remove all of the debris found on these, you will need to dust and wipe them down. They will look much more appealing after you have done this.

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