Cleaning of commercial premises and small shops

Cleaning commercial premises: regulations, safety, and brand image

The correct cleaning of commercial premises is probably one of the most important tasks that must be carried out in small businesses. It is common for shops of all kinds, catering businesses, food establishments … companies with very diverse needs that specific cleaning plans must cover, but all of them have something in common: we cannot ignore cleaning.

As we stated in the title of this section, there are three reasons cleaning commercial premises is so important in this type of business:

  • Compliance with the regulations: as is clear, the legislation shows that we must adapt the premises in which we carry commercial tasks out to the needs and characteristics of this type of activity. This includes hygiene and is especially important in businesses related to food (restaurants, food stores, etc.) or health (small clinics, beauty salons, etc.).
  • Security: The COVID-19 pandemic seems to end, but it is still too early to claim victory. Maintaining proper COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection protocols is very important to continue protecting both employees and customers.
  • Brand image: the last reason, but not the least important. As we can imagine, any business that presents a neglected image with dirty or unattractive facilities cannot succeed. Businesses, like food, enter through the eyes… and cleanliness is one of the main allies we can count on.

Why turn to cleaning professionals for small commercial surfaces?

Once we have established the need to maintain an adequate level of cleanliness in our business premises, the next unavoidable question arises: how to deal with this task? Should I take care of it myself or would it be better to delegate it to a trusted cleaning company?

The answer will depend on the needs of each business, but from the SCS Group, as cleaning professionals for over 15 years, we can give you two reasons. According to our experience, having external personnel is the most recommended in most cases. They are:

  • Save time and money. It may seem surprising to talk about savings when we refer to hiring an external company, but yes, it is. In small business premises, there are too many tasks and, normally, there are not enough hands: if you don’t want cleaning to steal your time from what really interests you (serving your customers, devising new recruitment strategies, dealing with suppliers, etc.), Having a cleaning company will help you, and a lot. And in a company, time, don’t forget, is equal to money. In the long run, you will notice the difference.
  • Specific cleaning needs. We have already mentioned that in certain businesses; the regulations are very demanding regarding cleanliness levels, and it’s difficult to achieve the standards that are imposed on us by ourselves. Especially if we have to deal with dangerous foods or products, if we have machinery or in other similar situations (and there are many), cleaning that the business owner himself would do may not be enough. To ensure that there will be no problems with potential inspections (or customers), hiring professional cleaners is the most direct route.

SCS Group: over 15 years of helping professionals like you

At the SCS Group, we are experts in cleaning commercial premises, as we have been working in this sector for over 15 years. But the best we can offer you is not our know-how or our team of professionals, but our flexibility: we adapt to the needs of any business, whatever its size or specific characteristics, with customized cleaning plans that will help you forget of hygiene and will allow you to focus solely on managing your business.

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