Classified Advertisement Writing Format That Everyone Should Know

An advertisement is a tool of marketing. Marketers use it to create awareness for the products. It is a popular tool for increasing sales. Firms use it to affect many people. Marketing teams create different kinds of advertisements for their customers. Classified advertisement is one of the types of  advertisements. It is a small and specific message that is common in newspapers and magazines. This ad comprises of around 50 words.

It has a simple format, and the matter of point is clear. The history of classified advertisements is quite old. Evidence shows that Egyptians used it for the first time in 2000 BC. In this article, we are going to share important information about classified advertisements. This information will help writers in better drafting the advertisement notice. A fine notice meets their purpose, and attracts more people as well.

Types Of Classified Advertisements

Firms use different types of classified advertisements. These are highlighted as follows;


It is only a normal text advertisement. Publishers charge per word, line, or column for this. This type of an advertisement does not include any image. Publishers type and print it in a column shape.

Classified display:

These advertisements include logos and images. These advertisements are separated from the others through usage of borders. It is more expensive than the regular advertisements. The publisher charges it according to a per column centimetre criteria.

Display classified:

This is the most expensive type of classified advertisement. This advertisement is not bound by a specific size. It can be available in any size as required. This ad also includes a logo and visuals. Moreover, this ad can be made available in colour as well.

Categories Of Classified Advertisements

All types of classified advertisements can be divided into the following categories;

Recruitment ads:

We have seen the advertisements for recruitment on every platform. Firms use social media, and other digital platforms to attract candidates. Advertisements for recruitment are also famous in classified advertisements (Abdullah et al., 2013). Most of them come with the title of vacant positions. Most of the small, and medium firms use this aspect for advertising. This advertisement type is precise. Employers share job descriptions and specifications for candidates through such advertisements. A large number of small firms use this to hire new employees.


Nowadays, people use the services of agents for buying and selling of property. Many online platforms provide services in this context. They also rent their houses by using these platforms. Despite this, classified advertisement is still the most popular way to buy, sell, or rent a house. Most individual property owners advertise their property. Agents can also advertise the property through this platform. Real estate projects don’t advertise their projects through this advertisement type. Newspapers have a large number of property advertisements, with daily updates.


According to an assignment writing firm, people use it for announcing other news. It includes the announcement for a lost person. It also involves the advertisement of changing one’s name and address. Property owners can also announce their trustee through this aspect. Announcements are of different kinds. Most of them are about personal information. The government can also announce any news through such means.


Small firms use multiple platforms for promotions. They advertise their products through this aspect. They also promote their firms on online/offline platforms. Most small businesses use it as their first choice. Small firms also ask for proposals through it.

Educational sector:

Many educational advertisements are observed within this area. Many small coaching centres use this. They advertise their centres here. They also advertise to recruit coaches from there. It is used in developing countries. This is because they have many small coaching centres. These centres do not have a budget for advertising on digital media. So they use such platforms for advertising as this approach is not expensive. They can also bear the cost of such advertisements with ease.


This is a common type of classified advertisement. It is a notice of the death of someone. This advertisement includes a message stating condolences. The advertiser can also share an image of the departed person. The advertisement also includes invitation to the funeral. The time and place of the funeral are also mentioned in it. People from different communities advertise for their loved ones. Other communities also do it to give tribute to their leaders.


It is also a famous type of advertisement. It is common in most Asian countries. Many Asian countries have a strong family system. Here, parents make most of the important decisions for their kids. They also find a bride or groom for them on their own. In these countries, they share the bride or groom’s image, and then look for their match (Mukhopadhyay, 2019). They also explain what the match of groom and bride means for them.

Pros and Cons of Classified Advertisements


  1. It requires a low cost for advertisement. Small firms can also advertise their products/services by using it. They also do not feel a burden on their pockets in this way.
  2. It reaches many people. It doesn’t cost much, but has a strong effect.
  3. These advertisements are simple and short. Small firms don’t need writers for drafting them.
  4. Most of the advertisers are small firms. They share their personal contacts on such platforms. People can easily contact advertisers through the contact details that they provide.


  1. There are many newspapers available in the market. People have not read the same papers. Firms may lose many customers. Small firms can’t advertise in every newspaper.
  2. Small firms also have competitors. They may also use this platform for advertisement. It is also possible that their advertisements might clash with yours.
  3. Advertisements affect people when they watch them many times. This is not the case here. People see the advertisement only one time. This is because small firms cannot bear the cost of advertising on a daily basis.


Advertisement is an important aspect of marketing. A marketer spends a good chunk of his/her time on the advertisement process. Most people use classified advertisements for different purposes. Firms advertise, and promote their products through such means. They also use it for hiring employees. People use it for sharing important events of their lives as well. Small firms take multiple benefits from it. But it has many pros, and cons too. These should be considered before finalizing any classified  advertisements.

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