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Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

Hair extensions help to increase your hair volume. Unique and classy hair extension boxes appeal to its users. When you make up your mind to extend your hair volume, you may find people who experience great hair loss after applying for hair extensions.

Hair extensions have long been used among females to increase their hair volume and boost their appearance. Wigs were markers of social status and attractiveness in Ancient Egypt and Rome. There is multiple confusion while taking hair extensions. People think that it may cause hair loss. Unfortunately, it’s a right. In today’s blog post, we’ll briefly guide you on how hair extensions will cause hair loss. Let’s dive into the next section;

Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

While the reasons, severity, and details, the general answer is: Yes!

Hair extensions can cause hair loss. However, hair extensions can instantly boost your physical appearance by adding volume and length to your hair. So that’s why most females prefer to buy hair extensions to use them to increase their hair’s natural length and volume.

Different hair extensions may be discovered, and they all have an extra level of hair loss risk. According to cosmetologists, microbead-type extensions will be riskier for your scalp. These hair extensions are often applied quite close to the root and worn for extended periods. If these extensions are used too tightly, they’ll damage the follicle, aka the root.

If you are experiencing unwanted hair loss, make sure to be especially careful with hair extensions, avoiding excessive strain on your hair. After wearing hair extensions, if your scalp feels tender when you are wearing extensions, there’s a good chance you are facing traction alopecia.

How to Prevent Hair Loss From Extensions?

Hair extensions can certainly be a cause of great hair fall. To avoid hair loss, there are multiple ways to maintain your hair health and volume. According to scalp specialists, avoid wearing hair extensions for an extended period. Mix up the attachment areas while wearing extensions, so you are putting the focus on different follicles.

If you are using permanent or semi-permanent extensions, make sure you have applied by professionals. Skin specialists prevent to use of extensions, especially if your hair is damaged, to begin with. If you are one of those who already have thin hair and experience active hair loss after the use of hair extensions, you’ll experience worse exacerbated hair fall.

As we all know your hair length and volume will complete your outer look. If your hair volume is thicker or normal and you want to apply hair extensions for fashion or change your look, you have to follow the proper instructions that your experts suggest.

After great research, we find clip-ins hair extensions are the safest extensions. You can remove it before sleep or after a special event.

Hair extensions are in fashion nowadays. Taking care of your hair and extensions is vital in avoiding hair loss. If you want to prevent hair loss, you have to avoid extensions. Take good care of your natural hair by using natural remedies and oiling. Investing in quality hair care formulas helps you to grow your natural hair. Therefore, we highly recommend using natural formulas, a medicated shampoo, and a conditioner.

There is not only one reason for hair loss and boldness, but hair extensions can exacerbate this problem. Always prefer to consult a professional stylist when you need extensions. At the same time, buying hair extensions, you have to observe their packaging keenly. When using Sami-permanent hair extension boxes, they should be worthy enough to reuse them again and again—rough and damaged hair extensions affect your personality. When you plan to apply hair extensions consult your expert, they will suggest non-damaging extensions to increase your hair volume and length that’ll suit your scalp.

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