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Camella Homes: Available House and lot That You Can Avail

Camella Homes is the best, or should I say, the number one option to consider when investing in this real estate company if you are seeking the best sorts of house and lot or available properties in the Philippines. Even though we have been experiencing a catastrophic event since 2019, houses and lots are still in demand; however, if you are not up to date on the market demand for real estate, it is still at the top of the list, which is why people are demanding ready for occupancy units or even pre-selling units.

As previously said, Camella Homes is the finest place to put your investible assets because of the value exchange you’ll receive when you reside within the neighborhood. If you’re wondering why Camella, simply put it this way: they provide a wide range of houses and lots that you may choose from and call home for a long time.

This page also serves as a buyer’s guide to assist you in making decisions about your future once you have moved into the Camella Homes community. I’m sure you’ll start to wonder what the best house is for you, because those houses and lots are designed to make your life easier.

Camella Home Series

The varieties of house and lot accessible in this series are – seven – seven, which means you can buy one of these houses in the future if you like.


1. Greta House Model:

This sort of house is designed to provide additional space for your family, with three toilets and baths, five comfortable bedrooms, a relaxing balcony, and two large carports. When you buy this model, I am confident that you will not be disappointed with the vibes and improved living experience.

2. Freya House Model:

Unlike Greta House, this model offers a superior living experience because to its versatile hobby room, which can be transformed into anything you want, including an office area. Greta, too, has five nice bedrooms, a refreshing balcony, and two spacious carports; it’s ideal for a family home!

3. Ella House Model:

This is also ideal for your budget because it is specifically developed and made for your family! This will be the ideal alternative for you because you will have enough space to live and your elder members will have easy access to the bathrooms because they are close to your beds. It has five bedrooms, a balcony, and just one carport, just as Freya and Greta.


1. Dana House Model

On your end, this type of house model is the finest alternative! If you have a household of little more than five people, this is the ideal model for you. It has four bedrooms, two on the first floor and one on the second, three bathrooms, and one carport.

2. Dani House Model:

Even if this house type is designed for a medium-sized family, you can still enjoy the living experience if you purchase it. Because of its small size, it is still the best-selling property because of the inclusion package, which includes four bedrooms, one carport, and other amenities, so if I were you, I would grab and inquire about this.

3. Cara House Model:

This house style is designed for a family starting, with three bedrooms, a nice balcony to relax on, and a carport. Not only is this a medium-sized, but it’s also ideal for your budget if you want to keep it simple while still living comfortably within the Camella Homes.

4. Bella House Model:

This is Camella Homes’ final house model, designed for customers looking for a house on a tight budget. I highly recommend this house if you want to begin owning a house and lot in Camella while fully accomplishing your ideal choice. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a carport, which is a need these days.

According to homeowner, it doesn’t matter which type of model you buy. Because the most important aspect of living in Camella Homes is the friendly community you’ll soon encounter.

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