Bonus Rounds And Features – A Proper Guide To Online Pokies

In the past, pokies were the simplest and least stressful casino games. That’s why they’re so popular with so many people! There are so many online pokies features and bonus rounds that it can take pages and pages of text to describe them all, and it rarely does so effectively. Many of the typical elements present in today’s live, online, and mobile pokies will be discussed to help players better comprehend the rules and choose their favourite games.

Bonus and Feature Requirements for Online Slots

There are a number of ways you can win: It was coined by Microgaming years ago when they decided that instead of supplying fixed paylines, these games would pay in any and all ways. There are 243 ways to win, which means that any winning combination that comes across the reels from left to right will result in a payment.

As far as we can tell, we’re all familiar with the concept of wilds. When creating a winning combination, a wild symbol can be used in place of any other conventional sign. There are very few situations in which a wild symbol can be used in place of a scatter or bonus sign.

You’ll be able to fill the entire reel with these expanding wilds. Many winning combos can be formed in a short period of time when this happens on the first or second reels. You should seek techniques to win pokies with expanding wilds. During the regular game, you may see this feature, but it’s more common during free spins.

When a prize is multiplied by a multiplier, the prize will be multiplied by that multiplier. All wins involving Wilds and free spins are subject to these restrictions. Wilds can also only apply multipliers during free spins in specific cases.

Scatters are special symbols that don’t have to appear on a payline in order to pay out. On the reels, they may show up at any point in time. ‘Scatter Pays’ may be available, which means that a set amount of credits will be paid out based on the number of Scatters that appear on the reels. Bonus games and/or free spins can also be triggered by them.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols in online pokies can act as bonus symbols. The Pick Me Bonus or the Click Me Bonus can be found in games at online casino in NZ that already contain a Scatter symbol, but they also include an additional bonus that can be activated.

A second-screen bonus round when a slew of symbols are flashed on the screen is known as the “Pick Me” bonus. There are two options: either the player can select a set number of symbols, or he or she can keep clicking symbols until they disclose a negative one.

Pick Me Bonuses

These are sometimes played before a round of free spins, where the player picks different objects to disclose how many free spins they get, what multiplier they’ll be paid at, and perhaps what bonus feature will be present during those spins, such as expanding wilds.

There are usually three symbols to pick from in this type of online pokies bonus. When a player selects a prize, he or she obtains it. Playing cards are commonly used in this simple, double-or-nothing game that participants can engage in following each successful combination. You’ll double your existing winnings if you win the bet. All of your winnings are gone if you lose it.

In Some Games

The player is forced to select between the colours Red and Black based on whether or not the face-down card is Red or Black (heart and diamond being red, club and spade black). Alternately, the person could play a High-Low game and decide whether the second face-down card is higher or lower based on what they see.

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