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Best Places to Visit on Helicopter Tour Dubai

Dubai is more than just an airport stopover on your way to somewhere else. There are some great attractions in Dubai that you can’t afford to miss when you’re passing through. It includes the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Jumeirah Beach Park, and The Burj Khalifa.

When you’re ready to explore the world-class shopping malls, check out the tallest building in the world. You can also visit one of Dubai’s pristine beaches – there are plenty of ways to do it. But if you want to see it all from a new perspective while getting your adrenaline fix, then booking a helicopter tour Dubai is an incredible option.

5 Best Places to Visit in Dubai on Helicopter Tour

Here are a few of the places to visit in Dubai:

1- Burj Khalifa

Are you planning to visit Dubai and miss out on Burj Khalifa?

No Way! Get a Helicopter Ride Dubai to this majestic building and enjoy the view from 100 meters above.

You can book it for as low as 200 AED per person on a shared basis, or you can go solo with no extra cost if it’s available in your budget. The best time to visit is at night when the whole city glitters like a Christmas tree

Make sure you check out all of Dubai’s attractions by booking multiple flights throughout the day if your budget allows.

2- Palm Jumeirah

Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah is one of the most famous attractions in Dubai. It surely will be an enthralling experience for adventure seekers while relaxing types prefer sunbathing under Palm trees.

If you’re planning to visit this place, then a helicopter ride can be an amazing way to do it. From above, you’ll get a clear view of how man-made islands are created and see why they call this area “The Eighth Wonder Of The World ”.

This tour will give you more than just scenic views. It includes other places like Burj Al Arab and Jebel Ali Airport, making it worth every penny!

3- Dubai Marina

Dubai’s famous skyline, Burj Khalifa, is surrounded by the Dubai marina, making it one of the top places to visit in Dubai.

The beautiful architecture of buildings will leave you speechless while cruising on a helicopter over this area. You’ll also be able to see the palm Dubai from above if you book an additional flight at night or early morning before sunrise. Make sure your cameras are charged because there are plenty of photo opportunities on offer here!

Booking online costs approximately AED 550 for adults and 450AED per person for children under 12 years old with pick up/ drop off included. It can cost less if purchased directly from their office near Al Garhoud bridge just beyond DXB airport. You can also take a shared ride at quite a reasonable price from FalconHeli tours.

4- The Desert Safari

You can take a desert safari tour in a helicopter as well. From above, you’ll be able to see the beautiful desert and enjoy a thrilling ride over it.

Dubai’s desert is very different from deserts in other world locations, so don’t expect dunes everywhere. But there are plenty of new things to explore here for adventure seekers like Camel riding, Sandboarding, Bedouin tents, etc.

Just book your tour online or directly with Falcon Heli Tours at their office near Al Garhoud bridge right after passing DXB airport if you’re looking for an affordable option, especially during the low season when prices can go down. By half!

The experience will surely give memories that last a lifetime as long as they include alluring views from high altitudes where few people have been before.

5- Dubai Creek

Dubai’s famous creek is the hub of business and entertainment. The best way to explore it is by booking a sightseeing helicopter ride over this area, allowing you to take in all its beauty while flying above.

It can be done on your own or go for an affordable shared tour with Falcon Heli Tours. It’s totally up to you how much money you want to spend but if possible. Try not to miss out on any part of this incredible city when visiting it for the first time.


Other attractions like Desert Safari, Skydiving, etc should also get included if budget permits, so don’t forget about them. If you can’t book solo trips, then you should check out Falcon Heli tour Dubai packages. With plenty of adventures waiting ahead, what are you still doing here? Book your flight today!

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