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Are you fighting from hair fall and dandruff So use Best Smelling Shampoo. If you have tried all the best products that are available in the market and still not got the solution to your hair fall. Then go for home remedies. The best solution for all your problem is in your home.

In today’s world, every 2/3 person is facing hair fall problems by losing half of their hair. There are multiple shampoos available in the market for hair fall, but do they work??? If you have applies all the products and still didn’t got the result then go for home remedies.

All shampoos, conditioners, and oil that are available in the market for hair fall are full of chemicals. They might contain sulfate in it, a strong chemical that destroys your hair. But there are some products available in the market that can stop your hair fall as long these products are used. Whenever you stop using these products your hair fall starts again.

So that’s why you might be looking for a long-term solution to stop hair fall and also for hair regrowth. Yes, there is some solution which is available in nature. You can find this solution in your kitchen. These natural hair fall solutions last longer resulting in a WOW result as hair growth. Today I am confiding you some easy and strong hair fall and hair growth solutions from home remedies.

A mixture of Coconut oil and Castor oil

This is a superb mixture of two oils that has a strong hair growing ability. the mixture of these oils will not only stop hair fall but also grow more hair on your scalp. These oils contain loads of multivitamins, protein, carbohydrates that nourish your scalp.

Our grandma always used to do oiling before washing hair and here is another tip. Always dgrandmaefore shampoo. Doing oiling twice a week is an effective home remedy to stop hair falls and also for hair growth.

Onion Juice

This is another popular home remedy for hair growth and it is onion juice. Just take one onion, cut it into pieces, then blend it and make some onion juice. Apply this juice on your scalp 1 hour before shampoo. As everyone knows onion has many multivitamins in it which are good for hair. This is a strong and good hair growth home remedy that will surely grow your hair back. You can do this home remedy once a week for perfect hair growth.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, Yes it has all the solutions for all of your hairs and skin problems. As it contains rich multivitamins. That not only stops hair fall but also grows your hair back. It is also treated for dandruff. You can use aloe vera gel on your scalp 1 hour before shampoo. This remedy will not only grow your hair back but also thicken your hair. Aloe vera can also be used for skin problems such as acne. It can be used as a sunblock.

Egg and Yogurt Hair Mask

The old remedy for hair growth is an egg and yogurt mask. Take one egg and two spoons of yogurt. Mix them and apply this mixture to your hair. Leave this mixture for 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair. This home remedy is the best hair mask for hair growth. As all two ingredients are available in your kitchen and are affordable for everyone to use. This effective hair mask works making your hair longer and thicker. It also stops hair fall.

Rosemary and Lavender Oil

Both oils are perfect for hair growth. You can also ix these oil with another oil. For example, take amla or another oil that you use. Take rosemary and lavender oil 10, 10 drops each. Mix them and are ready to use.

You can use this mixture of oil twice a week for the best results. It will not only cite hair fall but also give you the best result of hair growth. As all of the oils contain bundles of multivitamins, proteins, Carnosol, and linalool that are very good for hair growth.

You can use these home remedies for hair growth. You can examine a volume added to your hair by using home remedies. These remedies will not only benefit women but also men. Men can also use these remedies to grow their hair back to their heads.

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