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Best Hanging Plants For Outdoor Spaces

Best Hanging Plants For Outdoor

If you are looking for the best hanging plants for outdoor space, there are several choices available. Here are four great choices for patios and porches. Each of these plants has its own unique qualities and requirements, so read on to discover which is best for your outdoor space. After you’ve narrowed down your list, consider adding some of these plants to your collection! You’ll be glad you did!


If you’re looking for a low-maintenance plant for your outdoor space, then hanging geraniums are the perfect choice. These geraniums grow in pots and can be hung in the sun or kept indoors during the colder months. These plants come in more than 75 different colors and blend well with any color scheme. In addition to their low-maintenance nature, geraniums also have a wide range of color choices.

Sweet alyssum

When choosing sweet alyssum hanging plants for outdoor use, consider the variety’s color and size. Most are white, but you can also find varieties with different colors and sizes. ‘Snow Princess’ has a profuse mass of small white blooms. The shorter ‘Snow Cloth’ varieties have fewer blooms and are much more compact. ‘Snow Drift’ features rounded flower heads and a pinkish-rose scent.

Golden pothos

The golden pothos is a tropical houseplant that does not require much maintenance. These plants grow best in medium to low light and are tolerant of uneven growing conditions. However, they do require higher humidity than most houseplants. You can maintain a humid environment for your golden pothos by keeping a shallow container filled with pebbles or by misting them lightly. They are best placed in bathrooms where the humidity levels are high.


Petunias make the best hanging plants for outdoor areas because they can withstand a variety of conditions. They are heat and drought tolerant and can survive in a variety of soil types. In full sun, they need daily watering and occasional fertilization. They bloom throughout the entire season. In addition to their attractive flowers, they have a fragrant fragrance that attracts hummingbirds.

Hoya obovota varieties

If you’re looking for a plant that will grow in the shade, look no further than Hoya obovate. Although this succulent-like plant is tolerant of a wide range of temperatures, it will thrive in a warm climate indoors. While the ideal temperature for Hoyas varies from species to species, the most common range is from 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 to 35 degrees Celsius.


If you want a colorful plant that will complement any landscaping project, consider adding a Nemesia hanging plant. They are widely available and can be planted in any climate zone. These hanging plants look like miniature orchids or lobelia. They bloom profusely in mild weather and will overwhelm nearby foliage. However, nemesia are easily spreadable and can take over flowerbeds if not maintained properly.


If you want to have a beautiful display of verbena hanging plants for outdoors, there are several ways to make it happen. Verbena can survive in any type of pot, whether it’s ceramic or glass. Verbena is a perennial plant, meaning it thrives in an acidic soil. Planting verbena is easy and fast. Just remember to select a location with plenty of sunlight. It needs a bit of space for roots to develop and plenty of air to keep it healthy.

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