Best GERMAN BIERKELLERS IN MANCHESTER Bierkellers In Manchester: Get A Taste Of German Culture In The UK

A “bierkeller” is a traditional German bar that serves a wide selection of German beers and food in a sociable atmosphere, and there’s no better place to learn German than at one! If you’re taking a German evening language course with Cactus in Manchester, why not go out and discover more about the cuisine and culture of Germany? Just a few minutes walk from our Manchester school, these bierkellers – which specialize in German cuisine – are perfect for learning more about this country.

The Bierkeller

The Bierkeller is a distinctive Bavarian pub located in Manchester’s city centre and only a 10-minute stroll from where our German evening classes are held. The pleasant staff, who wear traditional Bavarian costumes, and live music from German Oompah bands on weekends make the Bierkeller an ideal place to enjoy Germany’s finest craft beers. A Black Forest gateau or a kaserkraner sausage with German mustard is an excellent finishing touch for an authentic German evening.

The best thing about the Bierkeller in Manchester is it’s situated in the printworks. The printworks is an entertainment complex that’s home to cinemas, bars and restaurants. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy here after class!

The Manchester Bierkeller has the same Bavarian feel as its sister establishment in Leeds. The venue serves traditional German food and beer courtesy of staff clad in traditional Lederhosen (leather shorts) costumes. The Manchester branch of the popular German bar is covered in wooden furniture, paintings and ornate antiques. Live music from German bands entertains diners throughout the week.

Why visit a German bar?

The bierkellers bar in Manchester and Leeds offer a taste of German culture. Here you can learn about the language and their food and drink while meeting new German friends along the way. Our favourite bierkeller in Manchester is within walking distance from local German evening courses in Manchester City Centre.

If you’re looking for a full Germanic experience, you could always sign up for a German language course in the city centre and then visit the Berikeller after. Alternatively, visit the Bierkeller on Friday and Saturday nights after your course where you’ll find live German music bands playing oompah folk music with a dance floor for those who want to try out their new moves. If you’ve ever wanted to learn German and meet people from Germany, these bierkellers are perfect places to enjoy delicious food and beer while learning about some of the traditions of this country.


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