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Aquaguard AMC Plan- Drink Pure Water Every Day

Aquaguard AMC Plan- Drink Pure Water Every Day

Consuming freshwater is one of the most significant factors contributing to uplifting the health of every living individual. Water purifiers are ruling the hearts of every individual. The latest Reverse Osmosis technology is widely accepted among the common masses  However, getting the appliance protected with a water purifier AMC on time is equally essential.

Yes, you heard that right. The plans are flexible, and the consumer may choose the one as per their budget and requirements. Further, most of the contracts cover the purifiers for a year. It will be best to choose a registered service center to avoid fraud. Getting it from a registered service center will ensure the longevity of the water purifier with timely service.

What Exactly Is AMC?

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is a yearly maintenance contract for water purifiers that help protect the appliance and enhance its serviceability.  The contract generally has terms and conditions regarding the maintenance scheme. The scheme covers specific repair and replacements of parts and the appliance within that one year. And the best part about Aquaguard AMC is its cost yes the Aquaguard RO AMC Cost is affordable and best according to the market standard.

Nothing in this world comes for free, and the maintenance cost for purifiers is not an exception. Therefore, the Annual Maintenance Contract cost may cost at least Rs 1000/- or more as per the plan selected. The cost of the plan will be as per the services included. The services included will be at least three to four visits per year by the skilled technician of the manufacturer as regular checkups and one or two breakdown emergency visits.

Everything material costs humans some money; hence AMC also requires some money.  The parts, including the cartridge filters, are available online on many websites. You can find them quickly and do the needful.

What Is Included In The Contract?

The contract covers many areas. But, to be clear, it may differ as per the service center. Also, certain areas are almost the same with every basic scheme.

  • Cleaning of water tank: The tank may get filled with impurities and TDS, which might clog the entire water purification process. On every visit, the technician would clean the tank, making the process smooth
  • Replacement of filters: With time, the filters may slow down; under the RO AMC, the filters get replaced with the new ones for a smoother experience
  • Electric parts covered: The wires may get weary or damaged at times, so at the time of visit, the service person will check the electric wires and other parts to make sure the proper working of the appliance
  • Membrane replacement: Most contracts cover at least one membrane changer per year. The service person will replace the membrane if required
  • Comprehensive services: The basic structure of each RO AMC plan covers at least four professional service visits per year. Professionals will take the service with utmost diligence and knowledge about their work

Why Choose An Annual Maintenance Contract?

The RO purifiers need the replacement of parts every four to six months. Buying them separately may cost you a lot of money.  It includes all the expensive and non-expensive spare parts and the servicing charges. . Contact RO water purifier assistance number or put forward the query on the online form.

So, let us look at some of the reasons for choosing a Maintenance contract.


  • The parts provided by the service personnel under the contract will be genuine.  
  • The service provided by the service person, covered under the contract, is of the utmost quality. 
  • To replace these expensive parts might cost the owner a lot of money.
  • By getting the purifier covered with RO AMC, the longevity of the purifier will be enhanced in all positive respects. 
  • The contract will save a lot of money and maximize the service life of the purifier. Additionally, getting an economical and user-friendly contract will save your pocket

Summing Up

Many companies provide cost-efficient RO AMC plans, and the majority of the AMC plan gives an additional discount with the plans. Although there are a lot of Annual Maintenance Contracts available in the market, it is beneficial to choose the plans wisely. The market is ever-changing, and it is crucial to know them properly.

Some of the best-selling purifier brans offer excellent services and some of the best-customized plans that hold the capacity to earn the trust of a considerable population. So, what are you waiting for? You can either get these plans online or contact the nearest service center near your home.

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