An Ultimate Guide to Best Passenger Tyres From Continental Tyres

To begin with, Tyres are one of the major influences on the overall well-being of a car. Also, the performance of every interior and exterior part of a car completely depends on the proper tyre function. However, whenever we talk about the tyre’s durability enter the chat. Hence, we say the more strong and more durable the tyre is, the higher will be the life span of the car. Hence, the users must aware that tyre selection is one of the major investments they make to prepare their car ready for future adventures. 

So, are you in dilemma for selecting a tyre brand that does exactly the job you are looking for? Well! Continental tyres are the best stop to dig in. Now, there is another million-dollar question that might be ringing in your head after you heard the company’s name, am I wrong? Yes, It’s the variant or model. Well, Continental Tyres Caerphilly are a universal tyre supplier that releases thousands of models each year into the market. We understand that it is not as easy to select one of them as a companion to your favourite car. Hence, in this blog, we present you with the best variant ie., Premium Contact series tyres from Continental that blends perfectly with your passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks. So, let’s dig into the best 2 of these top-selling series from the company.

Top 2 Best Selling Premium Contact Tyres

Over the years this series of tyres have been on the top of the selling list. However, in this blog, we give you the three best-reviewed tyres from Continental updated as of this year:

Continental Premium Contact 6


  • This Premium summer model from Continental tyres aids in superior grip on the wet, thanks to the ultra-modern rubber compound originally designed by the company itself, unlike many competitors.
  •  Alongside, this tyre comes with an advanced tread compound that enables superior handling on wet roads effortlessly
  •  Also, the continental tyres made these tyres come with pro-longed treadwear warranties. Hence, these tyres promote better braking capabilities even on slippery and edgy roads. Also, these premium models enhance better road feedback over any terrain.
  • Well, the design of this tyre provides prolific wear and tear in its overall lifetime. Also, this model’s advanced tread wear compound enables excellent traction over wet.
  •  After all, the higher traction of this model also aids in improved aquaplaning resistance. This model is available in a bulk of 236 sizes in total.


  •  Even though the performance of this tyre is great, it delivers very low grip on gravel roads
  •  This high-performance tyre from Continental traction is extremely poor on muddy roads, 
  •  Also, this premium tyre is not so good with a quiet driving formula as it makes a lot of drive-by noise while running on any surface.

Continental Conti Premium Contact 5


  • Considerable, this model is the high-performance summer model from Continental. Also, this tyre is one of the best-reviewed tyres in the last couple of years. 
  • The specially engineered rubber material used in this tyre enhances impressive handling on wet roads evenly.
  • Also, this tyre’s flexible and long-lasting silica compound enables extraordinary grip over any lane.
  • Besides, this tyre comes with advanced treading that fosters superior traction on wet surfaces. Hence, with higher traction, this tyre boosts pleasing aquaplaning resistance
  • However, Conti Premium Contact 5 tyre comes with an innovative tyre design that provides extraordinary short braking distance on wet roads.
  • After all, this tyre is a pro in promoting better dry handling, low-noise emission, better braking on edgy and cornering, and superior road feedback.


  • Although these Tyres Caerphilly are great with traction, are not so good with wear resistance.
  • Unlike the impressive low internal noise, it promotes very high drive-by noise levels while on road.
  • Another big no of this model is that it is only available in 15 sizes.

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