All you need to know about Mudrex

The cryptocurrency market is giving immense opportunities to traders. They can trade in digital currencies of different kinds and earn high profits. However, the market also is volatile. 

In such cases, traders can use the best trading platforms or bots for timely trade executions. Mudrex is one of the popular crypto trading bots available online. Users can apply it through the settings and features. 

To learn about it, let’s have a brief look at its working and know whether it’s a scam or not. 

What is Mudrex?

Mudrex is a financial company founded in 2018. The cryptocurrency firm specializes in auto trading using innovative technology. 

Users can autopilot their smart crypto investments to earn profits. 

Based in San Francisco, California, United States. It is in trend among traders with an increase of 2400% in the year. Thus, the largest crypto index investment platform online. 

Reason for Growth

The primary reason for the growth of Mudrex is its usability. The advancement and convenient trading make investments smooth for the traders. Indian traders have contributed most to the growth of Mudrex. They have more than 80% of their investment with it. 

Mudrex platform curates trading solutions for traders. Besides, it also automates investing products for the investors to have good earnings. 

Is Mudrex a scam?

Mudrex is an online trading bot. A crypto asset management platform that offers traders the best solution to their online trading. It is easy to use with a user-friendly trading platform. 

The online website also offers high security for the safety of traders. They trade on their computer or other devices. Also, it follows industry standards for a safe trading environment. 

Considering the point, we can take it as a legit trading platform. 

Exchanges Supports

Mudrex supports significant leaders of the market on the platform. Below is the list: 

  • Binance 
  • Coinbase Pro 
  • Binance US
  • By bit 
  • Bit MEX
  • OK Ex
  • Debit

Trading Cost at Mudrex

Mudrex uses a simple model to provide user-friendly trading. Traders can have two plans with the crypto platform one is free, and the other is the premium plan. 

The Free version of the platform provides traders with access to facilities online. For example, traders can have strategies, indicators, exchanges, email, and discord support. In addition, the users get up to 100 back tests for a week. 

However, what it lacks is that it won’t be able to publish on the platform. Also, the min tick resolution will be restricted to 15 minutes. So users can have the trail before they use it. 

The Premium plan’s minimum cost is $16 for a month. Traders can have access to features, settings, and exchanges. In addition, traders can use strategies, indicators, and unlimited back tests. 

Also, the premium plan offers live, email, and Discord. The min tick resolution is for one minute. Traders will have a lower monthly fee when they fund above $2500. 

The plan allows users to publish and make money from the trading platform. 

Features of Mudrex

Mudrex is a unique trading bot. Traders can make it worthwhile by understanding its use and features so that they can have maximum profits. Here are the features of Mudrex: 


Mudrex works on the pattern of simplicity. The motive of the crypto platform is to make sense to crypto users. So they can make the best use of the platform. Thus, the features and facilities are simple for a beginner or expert to understand. 

Traders can navigate, have an interface to trade, and evolve with the services over time. 

Customer Support

Favourable is the support that Mudrex offers. Traders can have a live chat, Discord, social media, and email. The platform tries to provide the best for its clients. Also, users with premium get priority support. 


Mudrex offers high security for clients. As a result, they can trade easily without worrying about any mishap. 

The crypto platform follows industry standards and enables good security on the devices of traders. 


Traders can earn profits on their understanding and usage of the facilities. But at Mudrex, they can make their strategies, have a plan, and better trade with time to relax using the bot. 


Mudrex is a secure trading platform. Traders can have a range of features and secure trading services.

The crypto bot makes trading more user-friendly. However, it’s a bot and therefore requires a timely check. 

Traders can monitor their trade and have the best trading experience with Mudrex. A secure and legit crypto asset investment platform. 

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