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A Guide For Wives

Seven Sex Tips From A Guide For Wives

Sex has played an essential role for humans since the dawn of time. If today, the accent is generally placed on the pleasure of the people concerned, for a long time, used the sexual relations only for procreation and for the accomplishment of marital duties. The bizarre “sex tips” of the 19th century show how this topic was treated differently 200 years ago.
The book Instructions and Advice for the Bride by Ruth Smythers, the wife of an American pastor, is often cited as a source of absurd advice in this context. Meanwhile, due to historical inconsistencies, the book’s authenticity and the existence of Ruth Smythers herself are in doubt. Nowadays, however, this book is often given as a wedding gift for an

intelligent woman.

Whether genuine or not, the advice cited in Instructions and Advice for the Bride Paintings portrays a part of the absurd reality of everyday life in beds in the 19th century. Namely that women were seen as non-sexual beings, who did nothing but fulfill their duty, while men were “inherently perverse.” At least that’s what Dr. William Acton wrote in his book The Functions and Disorders of Reproductive Organs in 1857.
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You can read the strangest advice from Ruth Smyther’s book here:

1. Play dead

If the husband expresses his desire, the wife must play dead, that is to say, show no movement. If one can not avoid intercourse in this way, it should be practiced in complete darkness.
We can say that women once had to “play dead” in bed in the figurative sense. After all, it was seldom their pleasure, but only their spouse’s satisfaction.

2. Change the subject

If the man tries to seduce the woman with an obscene remark, the woman must quickly ask a non-sexual question to deflect the subject.
Today’s “dirty talk” did not officially exist in the Victorian era. It was frowned upon for a husband to whisper nasty things in his wife’s ear. According to the Dr above Acton, home, kids, and housework were a woman’s only passions anyway. However, it is questionable whether all married couples respect this etiquette within their four walls.

3. Not too often

At the start of a marriage, a wise wife should ensure no more than two brief intercourse per week. Over the years, she must ensure that this frequency decreases.
At the commence of the 19th century, the public believed that she molds curb men’s impulses. For example, there were so-called anti-masturbation corsets to keep men from being satisfied. According to doctors, masturbating too often promotes diseases such as hair loss and muscle atrophy.

4. Simulate a headache

To keep the frequency of sexual contact as low as possible, one can feign fatigue, headaches, or other illnesses.
This excuse has survived to this day. Everyone has undoubtedly heard of this “trick.” Still, current studies investigate whether sex or orgasm could relieve headaches and migraines.

5. Never naked

A wife should never allow her husband to see her without clothes. And conversely, she should never let her husband show himself naked in front of her.
Modesty prevailed in the 19th century. The nudity was dishonorable, but on the other hand, drawings showing explicit sexual acts were circulating “under the table.”
© Luha via Wikimedia Commons

6. Beware of perversion

This means that ion could practice nothing other than the missionary posit. What happened in the beds is challenging to estimate today, as there is hardly any trace.

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7. No kisses on the mouth

If the husband tries to kiss his wife on the mouth, she should turn her head slightly. The kiss then lands on the
©BotMultichillT via Wikimedia Commons
Nowadays, one can only laugh at “advice” and prohibitions.

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