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A fun Journey of PUNO from start to exit- PUNO Activities Explained

Jaipur is one of the most popular holiday destinations in North India because of its versatile attractions, Indian culture, and Modern Lifestyle. Being a popular tourist attraction, the city has something for every age group, whether kids, teenagers, or old citizens. But what if I say that there is one place for every age group where they can enjoy altogether at the same time. 

Yes, Jaipur’s only trampoline park, Puno – Adventure & Trampoline, is an adventurous place that anyone can enjoy with friends, family, or kids under a single roof. Today’s article will let you know about “Fun at Puno” from the start. 

FUN at Puno- Rajasthan’s First Trampoline Park 


Fun at Puno is India’s first adventure trampoline park located on the 200 ft Bypass Road of the Pink City. The adventure park is built at a strategic location making it easily accessible by locals and tourists. It ranges around 8 kilometers away from the Jaipur Railway Junction and around 10 kilometers from Jaipur Airport. You can take a cab or taxi to reach Fun at Puno.  

Fun at Puno is situated near Ajmer Road across 30 acres of land, giving a whole other fun environment. The place is famous for its real-time thrilling experience coupled with some amazing indoor adventurous rides along with fun games. Now let’s take a look at what is inside Fun at Puno.

Registrations at Fun at Puno


If you want to visit Fun at Puno, the first thing you need to do is get yourself registered. You can register yourself at the entrance of the adventure park, or you can also visit the official website to register online for a hassle-free and easy booking. You will have to show proof of the payment for online booking to get the entry. 

For more details and package visit:

If you want to extend your time at the trampoline park, you can give an extra INR 300 for 60 more minutes to get the best out of your visit: It is an ongoing offer in PUNO ”Buy 90 Get 120”. And with their popular PUNO VIP “Royalty is Loyalty” program, you get monthly, quarterly and yearly membership at shocking prices so that you can visit the place any day, every day, without paying any extra penny from your pocket. 

  1. One Month: INR 10,000/-
  2. 3 Months: INR 20,000/-
  3. 6 Months: INR 30,000/-
  4. 12 Months: INR 50,000/-

When you enter PUNO – Adventure & Trampoline Parks, you will see a fun environment where people are enjoying thrilling rides, playing games, sharing laughs, and making memories. Fun at PUNO has around 30+ games and sports to choose from. 

Fun Activities at PUNO 

1. Donut Slide 

Slide down on a donut-shaped bag at full speed in line with the gravity like you are skating on ice and jump into the bouncing on the airbag at full speed to experience some real-life thrill and fun with Puno’s Donut slide. Built by all precautions and safety measures, this activity is perfect for kids. 

2. Ninja Course 

Was your favourite show as a kid was Ninja Turtle? If yes, then this fun activity is for you. So if you want to challenge your friends or any person in a fun way, then Ninja Course is the perfect match. The activity has various obstacles that have to be completed in the shortest time to win while learning cognitive and emotional skills. 

3. Sky Stepper 

If you are a person who gets excited about heights, Sky Stepper is the game for you. A fusion of adventure and faith, this game involves climbing big pillar places at different heights from the lowest to the highest, following a big jump freely into the air like a free bird. 

4. Free Jump

If you love doing crazy stuff with your friends or family when you are visiting Fun at Puno, then Free Jump is something that will make your wish come true. Free jump arena is a bouncy set up made in a big area where you can throw balls at each other, play basketball or just get along while bouncing freely. 

5. Interactive Trampoline 

Being India’s first Adventure trampoline park, some activities at Fun at Puno are designed using modern tech and devices. And one name is Interactive Trampoline. In this game, with a fusion of trampoline and virtual reality, you can experience freestyle tricks and stunts with a virtual player to achieve triumph. 

6. Cyclone

Introducing the first-ever ride that will make you reach the ultimate heart-clenching experience ever. This Cyclone ride at Fun at Puno includes a wheel to ride the cyclone in 360 degrees. You cannot say no to this sport if you love the thrill.

Don’t Forget To Fill Your Stomach With Tasty Delicacies

What’s fun without food? When it comes to physical sports and games, we all want to finish the day with some tasty food to fill up our stomachs. 

Fun at Puno has an indoor sport cafe named “Chool” at the end of the trampoline park where you can satisfy all your food cravings and hunger with mouth-watering dishes and beverages. The cafe has a big seating capacity for families and big groups, so they have all the space for you even if you are visiting in a group. 

You can host birthday parties, family dinners, Sunday brunch, and a lot more with delicious food at affordable prices. 

Events at Fun at Puno 

Fun at Puno is not just a trampoline park, but more than that. At Fun at Puno, you can organize events and parties in the most organized way for any occasion or event. Whether it is a Birthday party, Kitty party, or any other occasion, you can make that happen at the place. 

You can also organize corporate events and use the Puno attractions for team-building activities and developing team-building skills and relationships with co-workers. They also let you hire the full venue for a day to get a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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