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7 Tips That You Should Know Before Buying A Saregama Carvaan

Saregama Carvaan

Saregama Carvaan is a big collection of several old melodies sung by popular songsters. The built-in radio commentary with the vast store of classic songs is the major reason for buying Saregama Carvaan. The device is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which can be the best gift for seniors who love to listen to old music. The Saregama Carvaan price mini and other models would be within your budget. But, how do you choose the right one for a music enthusiast?

Check the type of songs available on the Carvaan

Most commonly, Saregama Carvaan stores different spiritual, sad, Romantic, instrumental, Sufi, and Hindustani classical songs. Moreover, the language of the Saregama Carvaan songs is another important factor for buyers. They are found in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, and Bengali languages.

Based on your chosen language, you will enjoy songs of several artists like Kishore Kumar, Gulzar, Lata Mangeshkar, Jagjit Singh, Manna Dey, Murugan, and Vithu Mauli. In the case of the Hindi version, there are more than 5000 classic songs pre-loaded in the caravan. 1000+ karaoke tracks will also give you fun.

Design of the Saregama Carvaan

Saregama Caravan’s premium and original versions have a vintage design. There is a built-in display emerging from the Bluetooth speaker’s back panel. There is a big volume button along with other buttons to switch music. You will find different color options, like Cherrywood red, porcelain white, walnut brown, and royal blue.

Choose the right model of the music player

You can find Saregama Carvaan in 3 versions-

Find the available modes

The premium variant of Saregama Carvaan is available in 4 modes-

Battery life and overall performance

You can measure Saregama Caravan’s performance in different ways. For instance, you may check the quality of the Bluetooth speaker. Due to the battery, the Carvaan seems to be slightly bulky.

Assess the audio quality of the music player. When you open the old tracks, the music must be loud and clean. The speaker’s quality can make a difference in the overall performance. You can carry the Carvaan to the picnic venue and park.


It is easy to operate the Saregama Carvaan by using the controls. Hit the Mood button to switch between music genres. There is also a separate button to choose your preferred singers. So, keep on turning the knob to listen to songs of Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle, and other singers. It is a multipurpose button, as you may also use it for moving across tracks on your USB drives.

Learn about the compatible app

Make sure that your mobile is compatible with the Saregama Carvaan app. You need to use the app along with the music player. It will let you browse through the collection of old songs pre-loaded on the unit. You may also create a custom playlist by adding your favorite songs. The app makes your search easier.

These tips will be useful for buying Saregama Carvaan on Bajaj Mall online. You may use your Bajaj EMI card to make an easy purchase. Check the Saregama Carvaan price before placing your order. Make Your family and Love once happy by gifted this Beautiful surprise.

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