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5 Steps to Veeam Certification Success: How to Become a Veeam Certified Engineer

A certified IT professional provides more value and ROI to their organization, demonstrates better performance, and reduces expenses by thinking ahead. It’s also vital to choose a valuable credential to add the most value possible. On that note, let’s take a look at the VMCE certification.

Introduction to the VMCE Certification:

VMCE stands for Veeam Certified Engineer. This Veeam certification validates a candidate’s technical skills and knowledge to carry out a wide range of roles and responsibilities as they work with various Veeam solutions. It certifies that you are equipped to expertly configure, manage and implement the Veeam Availability Suite.

Steps to Become a VMCE:


  1. Enroll in a Veeam Certification training course:

A certification training course provides a structured method of study that allows you to plan out your time as you cover each of the relevant domains covered under the official Veeam guide. So you get access to expert mentors, practice exams, hands-on training, and all-around instruction that prepares you for the real exam. 

  1. Read the User Guide – Hyper-V:

This user guide gives in-depth explanations on generating an image-level backup, which is relevant for all cloud, physical and virtual machines. It also details the steps to restore enterprise data from every environment type. It also explains the concepts behind resource consumption technology and data transfers. 

  1. Review the official Veeam study guide:

The official VMCE certification study guide gives you the bigger picture regarding the qualifying exam. Before you take the VMCE exam, you need to have a minimum of six months prior experience working with Veeam Availability Suite. You must also have a previous Veeam certification that gives you a solid foundation. 

There are eight domains covered in this exam, each carrying a different weightage. These domains are:

  • Key concepts of a successful backup strategy (2%)
  • Building backup capabilities (38%)
  • Building replication capabilities (10%)
  • 3-2-1 strategy (4%)
  • Testing backups and replications (18%)
  • Restoring from a backup (10%)
  • Recovery from a replica (8%)
  • Monitoring and reporting (10%)

The VMCE Veeam certification exam has 50 multiple-choice questions. You have 60 minutes to complete the exam, with a minimum of 70% required to pass.

  1. Study independently too:

Besides the official guides and resources from your training course, you should also study on your own to increase your chances of success. Practice labs can help you get significant hands-on experience.

  1. Take enough practice exams:

There are several practice exams available online to help you prepare for your certification exam. Therefore, These tests help you identify problem areas where you have room for improvement. This will help you prioritize topics you haven’t yet understood while you revise. These are:

  • The VMCE Practice Exam: This exam provides various scenarios that will help you sharpen your problem-solving skills. It also has a more challenging version with more direct questions than scenarios. Each version is made up of 50 questions that you must complete in an hour. 
  • Veeam Partner resources: These official partner resources provide practice exams that mirror the format of the VMCE exam. These exams can be taken at any of the Pearson VUE testing centers. Also, check our other Blogs

Take the next step for your career and enroll in a Veeam certification training course today.

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